The Galapago Islands

An interesting fact about the Galapago Islands is that the word Galapago means Saddle and not Tortoise which most people thinks.

Galapago Giant Tortoises


galapago islands

The Galapagos are a set of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, around 600 miles west of South America, a place where, in the past pirates used to hide.

The name Galapago Islands comes from a type of giant turtles that live in the Islands.

These carapaces of the tortoises are similar to a British riding saddle called Galapago in Spanish.

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The Galapagos are a true living museum of evolutionary changes, get to know a variety of exotic Galapagos animals exclusive to this Archipelago.

The Galapago Islands are the perfect setting to understand the evolutionary changes that have led to a new perspective of life on Earth.

Galapagos animals are still unafraid of man and so different from many others found elsewhere, this make you wonder about their very existence on our planet.

Among the Galapagos animals you can find are the different species of Giant Tortoises, Birds like the blue footed, red footed and masked boobies, flamingos, frigate birds and albatrosses. Also you can find small penguins and non-flying cormorants.

Marine mammals such as sea lions, dolphins and whales are also found; as well as multitudinous Colorful Fishes

The most distinctive Galapagos Plants are mangroves and Galapagos Cactus. The Galapagos Islands house an incredibly high rate of endemic species.

Understanding Galapago Islands Evolutionary Changes

In 1835, Charles Darwin sailed on the British ship H.M.S Beagle and visited the Galapagos. His writings on the theory of the "Origin of Species", which shook up the scientific world, were inspired by the living proof that he found in this unique Archipelago.

His observations and studies of 14 different species of finches served Charles Darwin as proof for his Theory of Evolution from natural selection.

This theory can be confirmed by you when you decide to take one of these unforgettable and fascinating Galapagos Island Trips

Galapagos Composition

The Galapago Islands are composed of 13 large Islands, 6 minor ones and more than 40 islets.

These islands appeared from lava eruptions that came from the bottom of the ocean and that rise as much as 2,600 feet above sea level.

Lava from more than 2,000 craters has continuously altered the terrain of the region.

The origin of the Galapago Islands is volcanic and they have mountains with huge craters, some of which are still in activity.

They have a very interesting geographical configuration that tourists love to visit, as well of course a marvelous sea world, with White Sand Beaches dark and solid rocks.

Delight yourself with unique landscapes and deep clear waters, that invites you to walk near its shores, for pleasure, investigation or to practice you favorite water sport.

The last significant eruption was in 1825 and since the Galapagos Isabela Island has shown some volcanic activity.

Variables such as climate, altitude and texture of the land on the islands, have made their distinct Galapagos Vegetation and animal life appear.

In 1959 the Government of Ecuador, along with the Charles Darwin Foundation, UNESCO and other scientific internationally recognized organizations, established a biological research station on the Galapagos.

This facility is also headquarters for visiting scientists engaged in special research programs.

Our recommended Galapagos Vacation Packages and naturalist guides will take you to visit this Scientific Station. The Scientists who work there will greet you while they instruct you on the uncovered marvels of the Galapagos.

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Galapagos Islands Marine Reserve

The interior waters of Galapagos, plus those within 40 nautical miles measured from the baseline of the Archipelago, were declared the Galapagos Marine Reserve on 1994.

This is the only protected coastal marine area in the Southeast Pacific, and the second largest Marine Reserve in the world. You should not miss the great opportunity to snorkel with sea lions, penguins, colorful fish and even inoffensive Galapagos Sharks

Diving courses and tours are offered if you're willing to take a deeper adventure.

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