Galapagos and Ecuador Vacations

by Nancy Nichols

We did have a wonderful tour to Galapagos. The Santa Cruz is an outstanding ship.

The accommodations and food were excellent. The crew and guides were all great.

Every detail was taken care of very well by all of them.

We enjoyed our brief time there immensely, and couldn't be more pleased.

Of course, the islands themselves were wonderful to be able to visit too, but even if they weren't there to see, even the time on the ship was a pleasure.

Our experience at Bartolome island (I guess that was the name of that island) was awesome, we saw hundreds of sea lions resting all along the beach, and it was very easy to approach them. (You were right the Galapagos wildlife is unique in the world).

Also Santa Cruz Island was wonderful, we visited the Charles Darwin research station and saw the giant tortoises... it was just amazing.

We also enjoyed the rest of our stay in Ecuador. We stayed in Quito up until the Galapagos tour and walked around Amazonas Street near our hotel.

We went to the monument on the Equator, along with going to Otavalo, the day before the cruise. After returning to Quito from Galapagos, we took a long overnight bus ride with our daughter on Monday night down to Cuenca for a day and then overnight, and then to the city of Banos for an evening and overnight until about noon the next day (Thursday). We returned to Quito last Thursday afternoon. The landscapes along the trip were just out of this world.

Thanks again for all your help. It was a pleasure to meet you briefly too when you brought us our receipts at the hotel. You just missed meeting our daughter too, by just a couple minutes.

She would have been there when you arrived except that the bus or train line she was going to take to get to the hotel was delayed, so she ended up walking. She would have enjoyed meeting you too.

The cruise and tour were wonderful, just as you said it would be Zuri.

I also want to thank you again very much Zuri for the wonderful help you were to us in getting the arrangements worked out for the Galapagos cruise, and on such short notice too -- with all the many emails back and forth, and bringing our ticket receipts to us at our hotel.

I will be very happy to recommend your services to anyone I know who would be considering a cruise to Galapagos in the future.

Nancy and Wayne Nichols

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