Galapagos Children

Galapagos children will enjoy summer vacations like never before.

This is thanks to the Galapagos National Park, the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Santa Cruz Island Municipality.


In the town of Puerto Ayora these organizations have joined together to develop the Happy Vacations Program.

Nearly 200 children are involved in this program which is environmentally directed and it is held on Santa Cruz Island.

galapagos children

Nearly 200 children are involved in this program which is environmentally directed and it is held on Santa Cruz Island.

The activities of the Happy Vacations program during the summer are diverse:

Like visiting tourist sites, excursions and making puppets or figures with recycled material.

Most of these activities include the development of environmental conservation in the minds of the young kids.

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The public and private organizations are in charge of providing the funds and the people to help with the children's program.

Most of these people are local volunteers. There is no charge for the children that take part in this program. Also new activity books are constantly being published by the Charles Darwin research Station.

Teachers in Galapagos schools will have a good resource with these new activity books and will help them to keep teaching their Galapagos children with an environmental consciousness.

Therefore students will be more prepared to take care and protect the Islands' environment.

There are a couple of Private Foundations that are helping with the education of Galapagos children.


Students learn about the habitat of the Galapagos Islands.

Emphasizing conversation, creativity, and interactive exercises over grammatical structures and rote memorization.

All of the work of the New Era Galapagos Foundation has as a central objective of awakening the creativity in local children.

And also prepare them for their future as residents of the Galapagos Islands.


Every year there are more and more children attending school, and a level of professionalism in the Islands is needed now more than before.

A decent education could ensure that the Galapagos children of today become the ambassadors and protectors of the Galapagos Islands tomorrow.

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