Galapagos Climate

Galapagos climate is quite different than any other tropical destination you can possibly imagine.


Winds not only bring the south-equatorial current (SEC), but also bring less rainfall to the Islands due to the low-evaporation levels of this mass of sea water.

Our overall Geography knowledge generally includes the concept that tropical latitudes develop no climate-related seasonality.

In fact, seasons are notably present past the 15º N and 15º S latitude marks. The salinity of the water has increased, and with this the productivity of the ocean.

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For this geographically tropical desert, the ocean is an oasis of life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

All the Galapagos Islands Vegetation that developed during the Hot Season (December-May) has started to dry up and it has produced seeds that will allow them to propagate efficiently.

Many plants generate hard seeds which survive well in dry environments, and give them high-dispersal ability. Other plants develop soft seeds which shall germinate somewhat quickly in order to catch the best soil conditions in time.

Finally, other species will develop seeds that will remain idle until the arrival of next year's Hot Season.

All animal life responds to these conditions too, making this tropical location of the Galapagos Islands the only one on Earth that goes through these extreme conditions.

Under tropical standards, Galapagos climate is very dry, and it relates more to dry subtropical climates.

But, in front of dry subtropical standards, the Islands are too hot and humid.

That thin line separating tropical from subtropical is what makes Galapagos climate so special next to their incredible flora and fauna.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the process is rather simple: survive or vanish.

In natural selection, non-ethical reactions rule, in other words, there is no reasoning that forces species to think about surviving or not.

It just happens, and is comparable to a light switch: on or off.

This natural feature, more so applied to the remarkable and vivid nature of the Galapagos, makes some visits depart from the ethical human standard...

"There's life and abundance for some, but there's desolation and death for others."

These filters are inter-exchangeable, and at some point Galapagos Wildlife will experiment them. That is the magic of the Galapagos.

Now that sea-depending species start their reproduction, marine life has an abundance effect.

But if we look more philosophically, vegetation is all dry, land birds and land reptiles have limited feeding grounds, insects die in big numbers, and so survival filters act in all these species.

This is the effect of the Galapagos climate in the Dry Season. Explaining these ideas to visitors is a perpetual challenge, but understanding it has unique benefits.

No other tropical location on Planet Earth goes through these extremes, and is here where the essence of Galapagos lies. More Information About Galapagos Weather

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The privilege to enjoy Galapagos climate (year round) and the value of visiting the Islands is reserved for those who dreamed about coming here.

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