Galapagos Diving Adventure

Enjoy Galapagos Diving in the protected waters of a marine reserve untouched by external sources in the Pacific Ocean.


The Galapagos was rated as the Best Diving Location in the world by over 6,000 readers of Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine.

The protected waters of its Marine Reserve have been well preserved, nearly untouched by external sources.

Here the crossroads of marine currents has resulted in a unique marine ecosystem.

Galapagos Diving Adventure

galapagos diving

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The Galapagos Islands are a group of 13 major islands, and some 45 islets, all volcanic in origin, and all bathed by ocean currents as diverse as the wildlife that inhabits this Natural Heritage for Mankind.

The currents are responsible for the unusual weather pattern of this tropical jewel, where penguins live next to parrot fishes, and hammerhead sharks live next to marine iguanas.

Such diversity has given the Islands the status of Marine Reserve, where 130,000 Km2 are protected by law.

This makes Galapagos, the Earth's second-largest Marine Reserve, and the largest of all within America.

Galapagos is famous for its encounters with "the big animals", and not for its crystal-clear waters or numerous colorful reef fishes. Many well-respected industry magazines list the islands as the World's Best Diving.

Fortunately, not many divers come here, and thus, diving is not geared for crowds. It is, by all means, very selective and quite personal. This adds a unique value to the overall adventure of Galapagos diving.

Some of the underwater encounters, to name a few, include rays, angel fishes, sea lions, parrot fishes, hammerhead sharks, sea turtles and scorpion fish.

And the always attractive invertebrates that make these Islands a world to be discovered.

There are about 385 species of fish, and about 20% are only found here.

In addition, divers are interested in interacting with the unique wildlife found on land, and the opportunity of admiring this Natural Heritage.

Galapagos diving is quite rewarding, and before the voyage ends, most already think about coming back to these Islands. Where else have you experienced that?

Right behind the Finch Bay Hotel (one of the best hotels in Galapagos) is Devine Bay, an excellent location to explore Galapagos by Kayak

Each one is designed to hold two participants. Here you get an up close look at sharks, sea turtles, rays, fish, and a variety of marine birds.

Beginners can practice kayaking at the hotel's scheduled beach before heading out to sea.

Discover when diving at the Galapagos islands the wealth and richness of its waters.

Nothing can be more revealing than diving at the Galapagos Islands next to: sea lions, Galapagos Sharks rays, sea turtles and more.

It is no surprise why the Islands are listed as the world's number one place for Galapagos diving.

Several categories of diving also place these Islands as number one. One interesting example is: Best animal life... come on jump with us!!

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Galapagos Scuba Diving

(The Most Rewarding Aquatic Experience)

Within the many wonders of our world, our oceans and seas have been the least explored. The Galapagos Islands, and its Marine Reserve (largest one in America), declared World Heritage Site in 2001, await the arrival of more visitors in the coming years.

In these Islands, not only the Galapagos Land Sites can be explored, but also their waters, and more so their submarine highlights.

Of course, many may think that snorkeling is the only way to have contact with sea lions and tropical fish, but we are going to discover together more of the marine realm of the Islands.

The unique experience of being able to breathe underwater, of not having to return to the surface for air, is simply out of this world. This sport activity is called Scuba Diving.

The word SCUBA comes from the words: "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus", and it refers to the capability of breathing underwater.

This year we are inviting to those that would like to become certified divers, to those that would like to try scuba diving just for fun, and of course to those already certified divers to visit Galapagos, and enjoy the marine wonders of this amazing place.

In the whole Pacific Ocean, the islands remain as the privileged most rewarding diving area, and specialized publications, like Rodale's Scuba Diving, confirm it.

To feel the true essence of Galapagos diving, you don't need previous experience, nor your own equipment, since it is all provided by the professional dive team at Finch Bay Hotel.

The only requirement is energy for exploring this aquatic world of ours.

What I really guarantee is a unique and unforgettable experience. The theory and practical course explain the technical implications of diving in Galapagos, after that you're ready to test the equipment... and in few more minutes you will be exploring the aquatic world of Galapagos.

We hope you join us in a new marine experience, next to the best underwater wildlife.

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