Galapagos Economy

Galapagos economy is determined mainly by the tourism industry. Although fishing is also important.


The fishing segment is also important to the economy of Galapagos and its inhabitants.

Because of the increase of visitors as well as of environmental scientists to the Islands, the economy and population of Galapagos is growing day by day.

People all over the country of Ecuador think that they can have a better living in Galapagos. But this is not always true. The truth is that only approximately 15% of the income generated by tourism enters to the Galapagos economy.

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The rest of the profits go to big travel companies that offer Galapagos tours directly from mainland Ecuador, national airlines serving the Islands, luxury cruise ships and boats, providing little benefit to the Islands inhabitants.

But there are Galapagos Land Trips that work with Galapagos inhabitants and share their revenue equally. Tourists, who choose "cruise ships" to visit Galapagos, contribute much less to the economy of the Islands.

While those who prefer to stay at hotels inside the Islands, eat at local restaurants and hire local tours, contribute in a higher degree to the Galapagos economy.

Because the population in the Galapagos has almost tripled in the last ten years the Ecuadorian government has passed laws to restrict migration to the Islands and take more control over tourism in an effort to preserve the unique wildlife and ecology of the Archipelago.

This is why the Galapagos Islands are still offering breathtaking experiences for tourists and, at the same time has become an example of well managed Ecotourism worldwide.

Since 1970 visitors have increased more than ten times, and so the Galapagos National Park with its scientists, guides and rangers have been constantly working to create a model for low-impact and high-quality ecotourism, which up until now it has been a good work.

Each year there are more than 180,000 visitors to the Islands which represents around $ 100 million dollars of income a year. About 2/3 of the population in Galapagos are directly involved in the tourism activity.

In conclusion it is easy to see that an increase of the tourism to the Galapagos Archipelago is always going to stimulate the Galapagos economy. This will result in a profit or wages increase for Galapagos inhabitants that work in areas related to tourism.

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