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Galapagos Flights with updated rates and booking information with the national airlines that fly to these Islands.


Currently there are no International airlines that arrive directly to the Galapagos Islands yet. So you must first arrive to mainland Ecuador either to the city of Quito or Guayaquil.

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Rates for Galapagos Flights

Route Price
Quito-Galapagos-Quito $493
Guayaquil-Galapagos-Guayaquil $460
Quito-Galapagos-Guayaquil $471
Guayaquil-Galapagos-Quito $471

Galapagos Airlines

There are two Ecuador national Airlines that fly to the Galapagos Islands. Both of them offer good service and modern airplanes:

The first is TAME Airlnes the only Ecuadorian airline that covers 14 destinations nationwide and offers connections between them. All their flights include an excellent snack service.

And for Galapagos flights, this airline company offers a varied menu that will make your trip pleasant.

And the second option is AeroGal Airlines This airline was founded in 1985. It has a good service and new airplanes such as the Boeing 737-300 ADVANCE.

You will have to arrive to Quito City or Guayaquil one day before your departure to the Galapagos Islands because there are no direct connections with international flights.

Once at the Quito or Guayaquil airports you will have to check in at least 1 hour before departure of your Galapagos flight because any unclaimed reservations 30 minutes before takeoff are usually given to people on the waiting list.

Quito Hotels

Before or after visiting Galapagos don't miss the opportunity to visit the capital city of Quito. This is one of Ecuador's most beautiful cities and you will only need an extra day to visit it.

You can find great hotel deals with no extra fees on our Quito Hotels page which will enable you to plan and have the perfect trip.

Visit the Galapagos Islands and wade and even dive among the marine animals, feel and breathe the true essence of nature.

The Galapagos are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, and you will see a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) not seen anywhere else.

The Galapagos Islands with its wonderful nature is yet waiting for you to be discovered.

Experience the unique adventure of diving, swimming or snorkeling with playful sea lions, penguins and watching friendly sharks cruise six feet under you.

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