Galapagos Food and Cooking

by cb

I have the rare privilege of being a chef on a private yacht sailing the Galapagos in March.

I am curious about the locations of food markets in port or elsewhere and what is available.

My thanks.

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All kinds of fresh fish, lobster, and crabs can be bought in the major towns of the Galapagos Islands.

You can find the best fresh food at the open markets in the towns of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island and on Puerto Baquerizo Moreno located in San Cristobal Island.

Galapagos food is incredibly diverse, and it is very similar to the Food from Ecuador

This is why you will also find products from the highlands (meet, potatoes, grains, vegetables) as well as from the Coast of Ecuador (fish, shrimp, yuca).

But I can confidently say that the seafood in Galapagos is just spectacular and fresh.

You should learn to cook (if you don't already know) the famous Ceviche (marinated shrimp). This dish is just delicious.

There is also a great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables produced in the Islands and some of them brought from mainland Ecuador (like the bananas).

Fruits like: naranjilla, tree tomato, blackberry, guanabana, passion fruit, bananas and papaya are all available.

For more information and recipes you can check the following web pages:

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Good Luck

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