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Galapagos Hotels in Santa Cruz Island with daily tours and excursions included to the nearby Islands.


We offer excellent Galapagos Tour Packages with most of the following hotels. The packages include: hotel accommodations, 3 meals a day, hiking to the lava tunnels, snorkeling, beach hopping and day tours to the most important Islands in Galapagos.

Finch Bay Hotel This is a modern hotel orientated towards eco-tourism that boasts international service standards. Here you can cherish the privacy, natural surroundings and a superb service.

The hotel is located on Santa Cruz Island at Punta Estrada, across the bay from the town of Puerto Ayora, it is situated in a quiet location, with only pedestrian and bicycle circulation.

This hotel is also considered to be among the best Galapagos Hotels in the entire Archipelago.

Casa Natura It has 11 air conditioned rooms, and has been designed to provide with comfort and leisure to its guests.

The hotel includes facilities such as a pool, bar, breakfast area and different recreational areas.

Its is located in Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island, 8-10 minutes away walking distance from the town's main attractions where most of the boutiques, restaurants and art galleries are located.

Silberstein Hotel This hotel offers you 24 rooms, surrounded by a magnificent subtropical garden with a small pool.

The hotel provides a coffee bar and a restaurant as well as laundry service. Silberstein hotel offers a comfortable and welcoming environment along with high quality service and modern services.

Red Mangrove Hotel This Galapagos hotel offers privacy and serenity in its exclusive location inside of a mangrove forest.

While seemingly isolated, the lodge is conveniently situated close to both the town of Puerto Ayora and the Charles Darwin station.

It has 14 guest rooms divided in 2 areas, seaside, or inside the mangrove, all equipped with a/c, cable TV, private bathroom and hot water.

All rooms in this hotel have ocean views, private baths and ceiling fans. It is one of the most luxurious Galapagos hotels.

Sol y Mar Hotel This is an oceanfront hotel strategically located in the town of Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island. The hotel has a rich history of hospitality and service in the Galapagos Islands.

The hotel was recently remodeled and offers 17 oceanfront rooms, full service bar, restaurant, pool and Jacuzzi.

Sol y Mar hotel has never lost sight of its original intention: a family-run business that focuses on the comfort of their guests while sharing the natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

Red Booby Hotel Galapagos Red Booby Hotel is located within the town of Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island. Your stay will be in a cozy environment like being at home, with a warm atmosphere of a great Hotel.

Red Booby Hotel is located in the Center of Puerto Ayora, 5 minutes from the sea bay. This hotel is categorized among the most economic Galapagos hotels available.

Albemarle Hotel This hotel located on Galapagos Isabela Island offers an exceptional standard of comfort as well as a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Albemarle hotel offers guests the chance to explore the Galapagos famous natural wonders from the comfort of the Island's most luxurious Galapagos hotels.

This hotel has a subtle Portuguese-Mediterranean architecture which perfectly complements the towering palm trees and fine sand that are found on its doorstep.

The hotel features a central courtyard which optimizes the flow of equatorial sun and pacific air. This paradise is a beautiful place to relax in a hammock on the spectacular sun terrace or snorkel with playful sea lions in front of the hotel.

Palmeras Hotel Also an economic hotel, has 40 rooms and it's located in the town of Puerto Ayora, two minutes from the Pier.

The rooms are comfortable and are conveniently equipped with private bath, hot water, air conditioning with independent control and TV with cable service. The hotel has singles, doubles, triples rooms and suites.

The hotel has a Tourism Roadside Stop on the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island, where you can play sports, enjoy the countryside in hikes and horseback riding.

Mainao Hotel This is a family run Galapagos hostel with 19 rooms located in Puerto Ayora. Making the most of its strategic location, Mainao hotel offers a comfortable stay, away from the downtown's noise.

It has an Arabic-Moroccan construction, with peaceful gardens, making it the ideal place for resting and relaxing in the Galapagos Islands.

Angermeyer Hotel This hotel is located on Academy Bay with a spectacular view of the bay and the interior of Santa Cruz Island.

A beautiful wooden deck has been built out over the water where lunches snd dinners (by candlelight) are served.

From the deck it is possible to see sea turtles, sea lions and iguanas swimming past.

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