Galapagos Island Turtles in the Sea

galapagos island turtles

Observing green sea Galapagos Island turtles is a remarkable experience and one of the greatest attractions of this Archipelago.

Without a doubt, green sea turtles are a unique highlight in Galapagos.


Green sea Galapagos turtles Chelonia mydas are found hugely and continuously in Galapagos.

These green sea turtles are the only species that actually nest in the Islands.

The Galapagos Islands provide the main nesting areas for green sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean this is why the nesting colony of Galapagos is one of the largest in the East Pacific Ocean.

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The Galapagos are also an important feeding place for green sea turtles especially in the Islands of: Fernandina, Santa Cruz, and Isabela.

These Islands give shelter to hundreds of marine turtles which feed and rest year round.

Galapagos green sea turtles can be seen at the beaches of Las Salinas in Baltra Island, Las Bachas beach at Santa Cruz, Bahía Barahona and Quinta Playa at Isabela Island.

Predators of Green sea Turtles

Galapagos Island turtles have many natural predators, mainly birds such as frigates, Lava Gulls and Great Blue Herons

Other predators are ghost crabs, Sally light foot crabs, hermit crabs, and some introduced species such as wild pigs and cats.

Also human presence in Galapagos without control could eventually provoke large changes in the nesting habitat of the green turtles in Galapagos.

This is why the Galapagos National Park is constantly monitoring this impact.

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Observing Green Sea Turtles

One of the most outstanding wildlife shows can be witnessed when observing the green sea Galapagos Island turtles during different aspects of a Galapagos expedition.

While you explore the beaches, or go for a coastal exploration, or Snorkeling in Galapagos chances are that green sea turtles will turn easily into an important highlight for everyone's travel adventure.

Most visitors to the Islands say that next to the unique Galapagos Vegetation the sea turtle's reproductive and nesting behavior is one of the most remarkable things to observe in Galapagos.

You will certainly encounter sea Galapagos Island turtles during your tour in Galapagos since activities that include exploring a nesting beach, panga rides, kayaking and snorkeling will naturally include them.

On selected Galapagos Beaches turtle's nesting happens at night, but the evidence can be seen while noticing all their tracks resembling a dozen of busy bulldozers working along the upper section of the beach.

Farther up, small depressions about 2m (6 ft) wide will be evidence that a female turtle has laid eggs.

Places like Gardner Bay at Espanola Island, Punta Cormorant at Floreana Island Urbina Bay at Isabela island and Bartolome Island, are excellent examples.

In the water, snorkelers will find sites like Gardner Bay, Champion Islet, Darwin Bay, Urbina Bay, Punta Vicente Roca (Isabela), Puerto Egas and Bartolome Island

These are locations of permanent contact with green sea Galapagos Island turtles and more marine life.

Panga rides will allow you to even appreciate the complete process of mating in places like Black Turtle Cove, La Loberia, Punta Espinoza, Genovesa, and Punta Vicente Roca.

Without a doubt, green sea turtles are a unique highlight in Galapagos. Their reproduction starts in December and continues until early April, and weeks later we could see the first hatchings of the season.

The hot season in Galapagos (December to June) is a great opportunity to escape the cold winter of northern latitudes, and a great time also to cool off from the very warm summer of southern latitudes. More About Galapagos Weather

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Visit the Galapagos and delight yourself observing the beautiful Galapagos Island turtles in the sea and its amazing and unique wildlife.

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