Galapagos Island Weather

Galapagos Island Weather from May until November. Find interesting news and important travel facts about this Archipelago


Where there's a will, there's a way, they say... And that is exactly what Galapagos is experiencing right now.

Every year around May the winds from the southeast start blowing towards the equator, and this year they started right on the first days of May.

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The winds are also responsible for slowly pushing the south equatorial current, and as this body of water reaches the Islands, three main conditions are to be experienced:

First, a very dry tropical environment, Second there will be a drop in water temperature, and Third an increase in the amount of wind.

If you plan to Travel to Galapagos Islands it is important to be aware that the Islands show conditions that may shock those who are expecting the classical tropics: palm trees, no wind, with high heat and humidity.

Instead, you will experience a rather unusual environment, with the company of unique Galapagos Animals

Since the sea temperature has dropped, all sea-depending species launch their mating season, and this includes a dramatic process called reproduction. To attract mates, courtship is a key element in this arduous event.

So, you will be extremely lucky to find the next 2-3 months as the most busy times in terms of animal behavior. Perhaps, the best ever in the year.

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So, from May until November keep in mind the following Galapagos Island weather tips and information:

Weather Report for Galapagos Islands

  • Water temperature is never above 22°C (72°F). Some locations can be as low as 18°C (69°F).Its is highly recommended to bring a wet suit with you, that is if you want to extend your snorkeling time of course.
  • The Islands are very dry, and windy. Time on deck, or late afternoon walks are more comfortable if you wear a long-sleeve shirt, or a windbreaker (light jacket).
  • There are hardly any biting insects (mosquito-like). Do not need to bring the family-size bug repellent. A small bottle will work just fine.
  • Worst question to ask: "Where is the sun?". Because of the inversion layer effect, a thin layer of clouds will cover most of the Islands, and at around mid morning, the sun burns some of this cloud coverage.Such clouds may return in late afternoon though.
  • An interesting fact in Galapagos Island weather is the famous Garua (fine drizzle) that can make some unprepared visitors a bit uncomfortable.Please bring some kind of rain-proof gear for photographic equipment.A large and sturdy zip-lock bag works well in this environment (bring plenty of them).
  • The sea swells are constant companions. Ships and yachts will have to deal with rolling waves, but fortunately most navigations are easy to manage.

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