Galapagos Island Description One by One

The Galapagos Island are the only place on Earth where animals like: birds and reptiles, show total lack of fear to humans.


These animals are indeed very friendly and consider you as part of their environment.

This is just amazing and you will definitively agree with me when you step into these enchanted Islands. "It is an experience that will last in your memory for a lifetime".

Galapagos Sunset

galapagos island sunset

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The Islands of Galapagos

Galapagos Island "BALTRA"

You'll arrive and departure from mainland Ecuador to this island's airport.

During WW II, from 1941 to 1948, this island was known as Beta. It was occupied by the US Air Force and the US Navy as a Military base.

Back in those days, this airport had the largest airstrip in South America. This uplifted island also known as South Seymour is the most affected by human habitation. Learn more about Baltra Island

Mosquera is a great sandy bank just north of Baltra, home to a large colony of Galapagos Sea lions

Galapagos Island "BARTOLOME"

This Galapagos island is perhaps the most photographed location in the entire Archipelago.

You can climb up a wooden staircase to the summit for a stunning view. You can observe fascinating formations of lava flows and spatter cones.

Many have called this Galapagos island An open Geology Textbook. Sea lions and penguins can be seen around Pinnacle Rock. There is a sandy beach with great swimming and snorkeling.

This is one of those special locations where observing penguins in tropical waters can be a revealing discovery. More about Bartolome Island

Diving in Galapagos is one of the most rewarding aquatic experiences.

Galapagos Island "FERNANDINA"

The youngest Island of the Galapagos group. The landing point is Punta Espinoza.

Imagine walking among hundreds of marine iguanas on black lava rocks, see flightless cormorants, penguins, pelicans, sea lions and mangrove forests.

Fernandina's colossal dome shape can enchant anyone who visits, perhaps the most remote Island in the Pacific. Here are more details on Fernandina Island

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Punta Cormorant: Home to an olive-crystal beach and greater flamingos inhabiting a secluded lagoon.

A short walk away is a white-sand beach where sea turtles nest.Nearby are Champion and the Devil's Crown with beautiful coral formations and great snorkeling. You can enjoy perhaps the Best snorkeling with sea lions here.

Galapagos Island "ESPANOLA" (Hood)

Gardener Bay: Welcome to paradise beach. Home to a coral white-sand beach with sea lions and mockingbirds. Good place for swimming and snorkeling at the beach and nearby islets.

It has beautiful turquoise waters, and also it is only on this Island where the famous Albatross Bird nests

Punta Suarez: Walk on lava rocks along a trail dotted with nests of blue-footed boobies and Nazca (masked) boobies.

You will see colonies of marine iguanas (endemic to the Island), waved albatrosses and a blow hole. Read more about Espanola Island

There are also sea lions, Galapagos doves and three species of Darwin's finches.

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Galapagos "FLOREANA" Island

At Post Office Bay you can visit the famous barrel, a do-it-yourself postal service set up by 18th century whalers.

Cruise by Loberia islet with sea lion colonies. Penguins are occasionally observed. Read more about Floreana Island

Punta Cormorant: Home to an olive-crystal beach and greater flamingos inhabiting a secluded lagoon.

A short walk away is a white-sand beach where sea turtles nest.Nearby are Champion and the Devil's Crown with beautiful coral formations and great snorkeling. You can enjoy perhaps the Best snorkeling with sea lions here.

Galapagos Island "ISABELA"

This is the largest Island in Galapagos. It is the result of six large volcanic domes fused together.

Urbina Bay: is located at the central west coast of Isabela Island at the foothills of Volcanoes Alcedo and Darwin. The landing is on a dark volcanic sand beach.

Highlights include large and colorful land iguanas, since the island area includes excellent nesting grounds for them. You have good possibilities of seeing giant tortoises in the wild.

Along the rocky shoreline, possible sightings of flightless cormorants, blue-footed boobies, penguins and large marine iguanas.

Here are some important Galapagos Facts...

Punta Moreno: is located in the central south western coast of Isabela Island. Spectacular view of volcanoes Alcedo, Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul.

Highlights: impressive lava flows. Desolate, extremely pristine landscape. Extraordinary varied and unusual arid zone vegetation.

The main attraction is a compound of small brackish lagoons very much like a desert oasis with lagoon birds, including seasonal flamingos. See frigatebirds, pelicans and other sea birds doing salt cleansing dives to the lagoon's surface. Here's a full review on Isabela Island

Galapagos Island "SANTIAGO" (James)

James Bay: An easy stroll, observing Darwin's finches and the Galapagos hawk. Near the shores, you can experience excellent birding too.

Easily more than ten species of migrants can be recorded here.

Great location for spotting those rare avian visitors that will use Galapagos as their stepping stone on their arduous sea voyage.

The black lava rock formations are spectacular too. More about Santiago Island

"RABIDA" Island (Jervis)

This Island is famous for its red sandy beaches and offers you unique turquoise waters and beautiful lush green highlands.

Rabida is a good place to practice snorkeling and will also delight you with unforgettable sunsets. Read more about Rabida Island here


Just like Baltra Island, this is part of the rare Galapagos Island group.

This flat piece of land originated after an uplifting event thousands of years ago. That gave the Island its flat look.

Here you'll see endemic Palo Santo trees, colonies of blue-footed boobies, swallow tailed gulls and amazing frigate birds. More about Galapagos North Seymour here


Here is where Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, which is the Galapagos Island Capital and the airport of the same name are located.

Some Island endemics like the lava lizard and mockingbird are found here. Sea lions at the harbor are delightful to watch.

There's a lot to explore and to discover at San Cristobal Island


Puerto Ayora is the main city of this Island. It is a charming town full of nice surprises to all its visitors. The well known Academy Bay site is located here. It is also home to the Charles Darwin Foundation

Giant tortoises are seen here and seasonally in the highlands where they graze on the pastures of local farms.

Up in the highlands, the Pit Craters (Los Gemelos) is an outstanding area for birdwatching and observation of flora of the highlands. Here's more about Santa Cruz Island

"GENOVESA" (Tower) Island

Darwin Bay: Formed after a caldera collapse. Its steep cliffs dominate the Island.

It is called "the bird Island" because it is home to thousands of frigate birds, red footed boobies, noddy terns, lava gulls, tropic birds, doves, storm petrels and Darwin's finches.

You can enjoy good snorkeling along the amazing cliff sides.

Prince Philip's Steps: Walk on lava rocks. A Palo Santo forest full of nesting birds. You have a good possibility of seeing the unique "Short eared owl."

Nazca boobies, great frigate birds, red footed boobies and flycatchers are outstanding representatives of the avian life forms on Tower. Enjoy the amazing sunsets that here really win the prize! Genovesa Island is known as the Bird Island

"SANTA FE" (Barrington) Island

Santa Fe Island, also called Barrington Island is a small Island located in the center of the Galapagos Archipelago near Santa Cruz Island. More about Santa Fe Island here

"PINZON" (Duncan) Island

Pinzon Island is the twelfth largest Island in this Archipelago. This Island is home to endemic Giant tortoises, Sea lions, Galapagos hawks, dolphins and Marine iguanas. See more about Pinzon Island here

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