Luxury Galapagos Islands Tour

This Galapagos Islands Tour on board Yacht La Pinta is: luxury, pleasure and comfort...


You can now enjoy an expedition adventure with comfort and safety aboard the 48 guest yacht La Pinta.

Available for 8 Day/7 Night tours, yacht La Pinta offers you a relaxed yet lavish expedition atmosphere, with luxurious outside cabins, the highest standards of service, international cuisine plus celebrated Ecuadorian dishes, and all the amenities that will make your Galapagos Expedition a trip of a lifetime.

A discovery trip to the Galapagos Islands allows guests the chance to see unique fauna, like the giant tortoises in the wild, land and marine iguanas, flamingos, penguins, blue-footed boobies and the famous Darwin's Finches

Luxury Yacht La Pinta

galapagos islands tour yacht la pinta

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In this Galapagos Islands tour you will also enjoy additional activities such as snorkeling outings, swimming, chances for whale and dolphin watching and sea kayaks.

La Pinta guests will cover all aspects of the Galapagos: discovery, adventure, environmental interpretation, aquatic activities, relaxation, superb service and great dining.

English-speaking Naturalist Guides enhance their interpretative skills with the use of state of the art expedition equipment. The staff embraces a spirit of adventure, while at the same time ensures that you always travel in comfort and safety.


La Pinta's ample staterooms provide Galapagos explorers with unparalleled comfort, catering to guests with personalized attention and innovative services.

24 cabins are located mid-ship, in the Upper Deck, with double beds (32 x 79 inches), which can be converted to one Queen bed (64 x 79 inches).

Six cabins are connected, for the convenience of families traveling together, and there are also 4 triple cabins of approximately 22 square meters (236 square feet).

All cabins are outside, fresh, well-lit through panoramic windows viewing unto the Pacific Ocean, and also with reading lights and other light fixtures at night.

In the cabins, guests of this Galapagos Islands tour will be able to hear all announcements related to the expedition and other activities. There is also an additional audio music channel.

For a good night's rest, bedding made of fine cotton, down duvets and a choice of pillows.

Bathrooms are very functional, with shower and all necessary accessories, all amenities are biodegradable and recyclable. Hair dryer and plenty of posh towels are provided.

The Yacht's Crew

Multilingual Naturalist Guides licensed by the Galapagos National Park will lead visitors through the wonders of the Galapagos National Park.

Naturalists are the leaders of expeditions; their expertise matches their contagious enthusiasm, whether discussing geology or bird watching, snorkeling or stargazing, evolution or sports.

The crew of this Galapagos Islands tour is made up of professionals, passionate for Galapagos and ready to cater to the needs of the most discerning guests.

La Pinta follows strict international standards in relation to safety at sea and the understanding of the unique environment of the Archipelago, to support its conservation, taking all the precautions not to alter the integrity of the ecosystems.

Expedition Approach

In today's world, you need to explore, discover, feel, and appreciate. This is the new way of traveling, we call it the Galapagos Expedition.

The Islands are a fantastic place to convey all concepts that make this Galapagos Islands tour a safe expedition, truly educational, fun and soul lifting.

The owner of Yacht La Pinta is Metropolitan Touring, which is a travel company with more than 50 years of experience.

When you travel with this company you get more than a thoughtfully considered itinerary, since you don't just tour the Islands... You explore as you unveil the magic of the Islands.

We provide a different perspective to our Galapagos Islands tour programs, by making sure you become a participant.

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Exploring the Islands and performing water related activities, such as snorkeling and kayaking, offer an amazing way to enjoy nature's beauty.

La Pinta itinerary includes the Galapagos' main Islands and highlights on its Friday to Friday expeditions.

Galapagos is not a trip where nightlife shines out... Instead, wildlife shines out.

Important Note:

While you don't need to be an athlete to explore this Archipelago, you should be in reasonable physical shape for this Galapagos Islands tour. Getting in and out of rafts for shore landings takes some effort.

Also, keep in mind the Islands' irregular volcanic terrain, as this may include some challenging outings and walks.

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