Galapagos Islands Yacht La Pinta

This Galapagos Islands Yacht offers a full week discovery trip to this Archipelago, with the highest standards of service.

La Pinta Yacht


galapagos islands yacht

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Yacht La Pinta, is the ultimate luxurious expedition adventure in the Galapagos Islands. It is a 63 meter (207-feet) yacht that can accommodate 32 guests.

A full week discovery trip to the Galapagos Islands aboard La Pinta allows encounters with unique fauna, like the famous giant Galapagos tortoises in the wild, land and marine iguanas, flamingos, penguins, blue-footed boobies and the famous Darwin's finches.

After intense days of wildlife exploration, the Galapagos Islands yacht La Pinta provides a haven of relaxation and tranquility with tastefully appointed accommodations and all the facilities for a stylish yet informal ambiance.

You will also enjoy the Galapagos Marine Reserve which is the second largest in the world, with various snorkeling outings, chances for swimming and whale and dolphin watching during inter-island cruising.

On board this Galapagos Islands yacht you will have the opportunity to cover all aspects of this Archipelago: discovery, adventure, environmental interpretation, aquatic activities, relaxation, superb service and great dining. Traveling always with comfort and safety.

Naturalist Guides enhance their interpretative skills with the use of state-of-the-art-expedition equipment.

The name of this Galapagos Islands yacht is "La Pinta" and it is the Spanish name of Abingdon Island in the northwest of the Galapagos Archipelago.

It's right where the famous Lonesome George giant tortoise comes from.

Lonesome George is the world's most celebrated tortoise, for being the last surviving individual of an otherwise extinct race.

He is depicted in the logo of the Galapagos National Park and an emblem of conservation.

It is also the name of one of the caravels in which Christopher Columbus sailed on his trip to America: Pinta, NiƱa and Santa Maria.

For Young Explorers

Our "Young Pirates" program allows children, 7 to 12 years old, to fully absorb Galapagos at their own pace.

Young visitors will enjoy a different educational approach, with children only activities, special meals, interpretative recreational material and books.

Our goal is that everyone can thoroughly enjoy this natural paradise, appreciate the efforts for its conservation and fully participate in all planned activities.

Delicious Food

Ecuador has one of the tastiest cuisines in South America, with a great variety of fruits and vegetables, where the country's biodiversity is reflected.

Along with the traditional international cuisine, and some Ecuadorian delicacies, the chef of this Galapagos Islands yacht offers healthy, light and delicious meals. A choice of wines is available for dinner.

You will thoroughly enjoy the variety of colorful tropical fruit juices every morning, and the generous buffet for lunch, with many fresh salads, cold cuts, cheeses, seafood and of course, plenty of vegetarian options. Meals and Bar-B-Q's are offered in the Sun Deck if the weather is right.

All meals are free seating with no dress code, and the presence at dinner of our Captain or Officers will delight you with a great social moment. They will be happy to join you at your table.

Coffee, tea, crackers and biscuits are available for you at all times.

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Your Travel Choice Makes a Difference

The Galapagos Yacht "La Pinta" offers a relaxed expedition atmosphere, with luxury outside cabins; the highest standards of service, international cuisine, and all the amenities that will definitively make your Galapagos Expedition a trip of a lifetime.

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