Galapagos Kicker Rock

galapagos kicker rock

Galapagos Kicker Rock is a superb rock located in the middle of the Galapagos Islands sea. Great spot for kayaking and diving.

This gigantic rock raises 500 feet straight from the ocean.


Kicker Rock is also known as the Sleeping Lion (Leon Dormido in Spanish) because of its similarity.

This spot is located 2 hours from the Coast of San Cristobal Island, Northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

The remains of a lava cone eroded by the sea, the two vertical rocks rising 500 feet from the ocean form a small channel that is navigable by small boats.

This Galapagos landscape has become a favorite sight for cruises due to the many Tropicbirds, Frigates and boobies that fill the surroundings.

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It is great for scuba diving because under the sea the nearly crystal waters offer a brilliant show of colorful tropical fish and invertebrates.

You can reach Kicker Rock by boat, it is a two hour ride off the northwest coast of San Cristobal Island. This interesting rock formation has a volcanic origin but has been eroded into unique shapes.

Due to the steep walls of these two rocks, landings are not possible however many cruises do spend 45 minutes to an hour allowing you to enjoy the full experience.

There's only either kayaking or diving opportunities depending on the tour you choose.

The ability to kayak through the fissure of these two unique rocks is just breathtaking, you will have an spectacular adventure.

Galapagos Kicker Rock is an amazingly interesting feature to kayak through and around, jutting perhaps a hundred feet or more out of the ocean, this rock towers over you.

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Passing through the vertical fissure of the rock is not for claustrophobic people, nor can it be advised for those afraid of sharks.

The water sometimes can be rough and fellow kayakers seem to disappear behind swells, then rise up again into view.

Kicker Rock is also a good location for scuba diving activities. There are numerous dive sites all around Kicker Rock, so that you can always find a place sheltered from the current. This makes it accessible to novices and advanced divers.

The visibility varies from 12 to 20 meters. Some of the marine life expected to see includes pelagic fish, reef fish, turtles, sharks and octopus.

Kicker Rock is remnant of a vertical tuff conformation, abruptly rising above the Ocean.

The erosion has split the rock and given it its characteristic shape, which some see as shoe and others as a sleeping lion.

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