Galapagos Land Tour Itinerary

This Galapagos land tour is an enchanted adventure following the line of Galapagos Island Hopping.


At Volcanika Adventures we have designed a moderate to challenging trip that includes kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and horseback riding (scuba diving included at an additional cost).

Our tours are divided in Trip A and Trip B.

Our itineraries allow you to get up close with the wildlife, learn about conservation and experience the laid-back village life of their inhabitants.

We offer variety but we promise to bring you to the marine and terrestrial biodiversity that makes the Galapagos Islands so special. Our naturalist guides will ensure your visit is full of adventure and exploration.

Accommodations: Local hotels with full amenities (category 1 and 2)

Trip Length: 8 days, 7 nights.

Our itineraries are built both for comfort and adventure. Staying in a hotel with all the amenities, eating quality meals in local restaurants and traveling by private boat means that we can cater to your dietary and personal needs.

However, this Galapagos land tour is designed to keep you busy so that you can see as much of the flora and fauna of the islands as possible.

Tour A: Santa Cruz and San Cristobal

Day 1: Welcome to Galapagos

You will fly from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island's airport. From here you are transferred by bus and ferry to the island of Santa Cruz.

The bus will then take you to Promecius Ranch where you will lunch and then take a walk to find the Giant Tortoises in the wild.

On the way to the hotel this Galapagos land tour will take you to walk through the lava tunnels formed by lava streams thousands of years ago.

Once at the hotel in the town of Puerto Ayora you can relax and walk around.

Day 2: A Marine Adventure

On the second day you will visit one of the following islands: South Plaza, Bartolome, North Seymour or Floreana (Devil's Crown).

The coves and islets around these Islands are prime snorkeling spots where you can spot tropical fishes, rays, sea turtles, sharks, sea lions, anemones and sea stars.

You will spend the entire day snorkeling and enjoying the open ocean. Lunch will be on board.

Day 3: Conservation and Community

This morning you are off to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and learn about the conservation research that is being carried out in the Galapagos.

This Galapagos land tour will also take you to visit the Tortoise Breeding Center.

Meet Lonesome George the last of his species, see the giant tortoise corrals where you can get up close with these enchanting animals and the land iguanas.

Darwins Finches Yellow Warblers and Mockingbirds can be seen in the cactus forest at the station. After lunch we head off to the highlands to visit a coffee and sugar cane plantation.

You will have a chance to learn about the processes and taste the coffee, sugar cane juice and a surprise beverage. You will then return to town and have a relaxing evening to spend watching the sunset at a seaside restaurant of your choosing.

Day 4: Tortuga Bay, Mangroves and on to San Cristobal

During the Galapagos land tour of this day you will have a choice to take a trip to the nearby idyllic Galapagos Beach Tortuga Bay, or to sleep in and have time in the town for shopping.

If you want to visit the beach you will wake up early, and head off for a 35 minute walk to a gorgeous stretch of fine white sand. You will be able to swim in the surf and then you can take a walk to the mangroves nearby to learn about the importance of mangrove ecosystems.

After lunch you will be boarding a private yacht to take you to the charming Island of San Cristobal. Throughout the trip you will most definitely spot some beautiful Galapagos Birds such as the Red-Billed Tropic Bird, the Noddy Tern and the Galapagos Petrel.

You will arrive in the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno where you will be checking into a lovely hotel with a view of the bay.

Day 5: Meeting the Sea Lions

Day 5 will begin with a visit to the Interpretation Center and a walk to the beautiful Tijeretas cove for a snorkeling adventure.

You may see Green Sea Turtles and a range of tropical fishes including parrot fishes. On the way back to town you will stop to admire Punta Corola where the locals like to surf. We can arrange surf lessons if you want.

After lunch you will go kayaking out to where the Green Sea Turtles swim and along the coast to enjoy the birds and sea life.

In the evening of this Galapagos land tour you can explore the town which still has the feel of a sleepy fishing village. Watch and listen to the Galapagos Sea lions barking along the shore. 

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Day 6: Discovering the Underwater World

This morning you will go on board a private boat to Lobos Island where you will have a chance to snorkel with baby sea lions, watch Marine Iguanas basking on the rocks and view a Frigate Bird nesting site.

You will then head off to Leon Dormido (Sleeping Lion, or Kicker Rock), the remains of an old tuff cone, to snorkel through the channel created by tectonic pressures.

Here you will see Galapagos White-tipped and Hammerhead Sharks as well as Eagle and Golden rays. Diving is highly recommended. You will then continue on to Playa Ochoa which is a lovely white-sand beach where you will have lunch and time to swim and explore.

Day 7: Experience Galapagos Village Life

This day we will take our boat back to Santa Cruz. It is not uncommon to spot pilot or sperm whales or to see dolphins jumping in the wake of the boat. When you arrive you will have time to organize your things and then you'll have a very special Goodbye Lunch.

In the afternoon you can shop for souvenirs, visit the fish market, and take photos of the town. You will have a chance to relax and reflect upon your experiences on this Galapagos land tour, have one last coffee overlooking the bay, or one last ice-cream walking along the boardwalk.

Day 8: Los Gemelos and Return to the Continent

The end of this Galapagos land tour is near but, on the way to the airport you will stop to see Los Gemelos, giant craters formed by collapsing lava bubbles.

To reach these amazing geological phenomena we will take a walk through the Scalesia forest, a plant that is endangered and found only in the Galapagos.

You might spot the Vermillion Flycatcher and some farewell Darwin Finches. You will then be taken to the airport to check in and await your flight to Quito.

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Tour B: Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands

Days 1 – 2 - 3 - 7 and 8 are identical to Tour A

Day 4: Tortuga Bay, Mangroves and Isabela Island

On Day 4 you will be boarding a private yacht to take you to the beautiful island of Isabela and the town of Puerto Villamil.

Isabela is the largest of the Islands formed by 6 shield volcanoes: Alcedo, Cerro Azul, Darwin, Ecuador, Sierra Negra, and Wolf.

Five of these volcanoes remain active, thus Isabela is one of the most volcanically active locations on earth.

Upon arrival, you can relax and walk along the gorgeous sand beach in front of the hotel.

Day 5: Galapagos Underwater World

This day will be dedicated to snorkeling. You will be taken by boat to Las Tintoreras where you will see Blue-footed Boobies, Galapagos Penguins Sharks and Marine Iguanas.

You will swim through beautiful, bizarre volcanic formations that have created grottoes perfect for snorkeling.

After lunch you can take an optional hike to the Muro de Lagrimas (wall of tears), built by Ecuadorian convicts when the Island was a penal colony at the turn of the century.

Nearby are lagoons where flamingos and herons reside. In the evening you can watch the diving seabirds and the sunset into the Ocean.

Day 6: A Volcanic Adventure

You will go horseback riding (option: hiking) up into the highlands to the rim of Sierra Negra volcano.

This volcano has the second-largest caldera in the world and last erupted in October 2005. From here you have a view across the 5 by 6 mile (8 by 9 km) caldera, the lowlands of Isabela and the ocean beyond.

On this Galapagos land tour you will hike over young lava to Chico Volcano which has active fumaroles and a bizarre, moon-like landscape. From here you will descend back through the highland ranch and then back to the town for a swim or a stroll along the sandy streets.

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Galapagos Land Tour Rates

Luxury Class:

$1899 USD per person
Single Supplement if you wish to have a private room: $349

Included in the Luxury Galapagos Land Tour: Accommodation in a category 1 hotel, gourmet breakfast and lunch, mask, snorkel and fins, land and water transport on the Islands and kayaking.

Not Included: Flights Quito-Galapagos-Quito 416, $100 National Park fee, $10 Galapagos immigration card, alcoholic beverages, dinners and tips.

Standard Class:$1599 USD per person
Single Supplement if you wish to have a private room: $199

Included in the Standard Galapagos Land Tour: Accommodation in a category 2 hotel, breakfast and lunch, mask, snorkel and fins, land and water transport on the islands, kayaking.

Not Included: Flights Quito-Galapagos-Quito 416, $100 National Park fee, $10 Galapagos immigration card, alcoholic beverages, dinners and tips.

Scuba Diving: 2 dives with PADI certified dive master, equipment and lunch included for: $135

This Galapagos Land Tour has very reasonable prices and we guarantee high quality accommodation, food and the best guides and dive masters. To request more information, please use the following form:

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