Galapagos Landscapes

Galapagos Landscapes are quite spectacular due to the volcanic origin of these amazing Islands...


galapagos landscapes

They are spectacular mainly due to the volcanic origin of these Islands and the fact that there are many different environments or climates to find.

This depends of the side and height of a particular Island. You can find areas that go from desert to tropical forest.

On most of the Islands, there are landing points where the rafts of the cruise ships can land. You either make a wet or dry landing. All over the islands you can see how the lava has been flowing over centuries and molding the rock, creating beautiful lava sceneries.

Since the Galapagos Islands are from a volcanic origin you will see many craters. Some of these craters have salt water and some others have sweet water.

Some Islands have black sand beaches and others have red sand beaches, which are a wonderful view.

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galapagos red sand beach

In Post Office Bay at Floreana Island you can visit the legendary wooden barrel, which was and still is a postal service set up by the whalers of the 18 th century.

This postal service worked like this: You stick your letter in the barrel and the next person to arrive in the island may take your letter and mail it for you, depending on where you're sending it.

Some flat Islands like North Seymour and the lava formations create attractive shapes on the beaches.

You'll be able to distinguish this Island clearly from the airplane when you arrive to the Galapagos Archipelago.

Here you will see the beautiful and endemic Palo Santo trees. The Galapagos Islands have distinct sceneries that give impressions from strange to stunning.

Rocks with strange shapes, sand contrasting with lava rocks with similar structure, abundant vegetation and also desert fields.

One of the most incredible Galapagos landscapes are its Lava Tubes which you will find all over the Islands. You can walk through some of them like Los Gemelos in Santa Cruz Island

This site is also a good area for birdwatching and for observing the flora of the highlands. Don't miss the opportunity to see the Galapagos Volcanoes and lava flows.

On Isabela Island specifically at Punta Moreno you can enjoy a superb view of Alcedo, Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul volcanoes, they are also part of the delightful Galapagos landscapes.

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landscape of galapagos

Fernandina Island is also worth visiting due to its scenery and recent volcano eruption with its black lava rocks filled with tame marine iguanas.

If you like beaches then Gardner bay on Espanola Island is the place to go. It is an amazing coral white sand beach with beautiful turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

And finally one of the most favorite Galapagos landscapes is Sombrero Chino, this is one of the most extraordinary examples of volcanic activity.

This is a volcanic cone surrounded by aquamarine colors mixed with basaltic blacks. It is located near Santiago Island.

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