Galapagos Lonesome George

by Liz
(New Jersey, USA)

I been trying to find out what happened to the eggs that were due to hatch from Lonesome George.

Were they successful in breeding him with the other tortoise species?

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Unfortunately Galapagos giant tortoise Lonesome George has not been able to reproduce yet.

Hopes to find a suitable partner for George have been futile over the years, even though two genetically similar female tortoises of Isabela Island share his pen with him.

For years, George has shown little if any attraction to these females and hopes to save the species had dropped systematically.

During May 2010 thirty nine tortoises, all reproductively sterile, and equipped with the latest technological advances in satellite tracking systems, were liberated on Galapagos La Pinta Island where Lonesome George was found.

For the first ten weeks, a team of scientists will escort and monitor the adaptation of the tortoises to their new habitat.

These are the first tortoises roaming over La Pinta Island in 38 years: a milestone of conservation in 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity.

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