Galapagos North Seymour Island

Galapagos North Seymour is great for Hiking, Birdwatching, Swimming, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving


In this Island you can see: Palo Santo trees, colonies of blue-footed boobies (that perform their courtship dance in the open areas of the Island) swallow-tailed gulls sitting on the cliff edges and there are excellent nesting sites for a large population of magnificent frigate birds.

North Seymour Island

galapagos north seymour island

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On the other side of the Island, as the waves crash onto the rocks you can see joyful Galapagos Sea Lions play in the surf.

North Seymour is mostly flat and arid, with certain vegetation that includes Prickly Pear Cacti, Palo Santos Trees and Salt Bushes. The area of the Island is of approximately 1.9 kmĀ² and a maximum altitude of 28 mts.

North Seymour is located near to Baltra Island (this is the island where you will arrive and departure from Galapagos). North Seymour was formed by an uplift of its rocky lava base from below sea level.

Seymour Island is separated by a small channel from north of Baltra Island Seymour Island is better known as North Seymour Island, while Baltra Island is also called South Seymour Island.

Both of these Islands have very similar flora and vegetation because they have both been created from a geological submarine uplift.

There is a circular visitor trail on Galapagos North Seymour which is approximately 2 km in length that crosses the inland of the island and takes you to explore the rocky coast.

This trail will also take you through some of the biggest Sea Bird Colonies in the Galapagos Islands.

This tourist trail will lead you through the main nesting sites of Blue Footed Boobies and Frigatebirds that are visible all year round.

You will admire the comical courtship dance of the Blue footed boobies. The female booby is a little bigger, and the male booby likes to whistle.

There are times that the boobies nest right in the trail, so you must be careful and watch your step!

Since this birds are not afraid of humans you can get a close view of the nests of many of the birds here, including the lovely Swallow-tailed Gulls and bright Yellow Warblers.

One of the best attractions in Galapagos North Seymour is the Frigatebirds with their bright red pouches on their necks.

They inflate their red pouches when they are trying to attract or catch the attention of a mate, these birds are well known for stealing the food of the Blue footed Boobies.

Since the Blue Footed Booby is an excellent fisher the Frigatebirds on North Seymour depend on the fishing success of the Blue Footed Boobies for their survival.

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Upon arrival to Galapagos North Seymour you will take a dry landing. The main Wildlife attractions are: Frigatebirds, sea lions, Blue footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, green sea turtles and Galapagos Sharks

Galapagos North Seymour Island is a fantastic location for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and of course for birdwatching. Since it is a flat Island the hike is easy.

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