Galapagos People and Wildlife, Both Wonderful and Unique

by Rodger Shamblin
(Raleigh, NC USA)

Becoming One With Nature in Galapagos

Becoming One With Nature in Galapagos

My name is Rodger Shamblin and my cousin Lenore and I have traveled many places in the world, but Ecuador and Galapagos was our first South American adventure.

I'm from North Carolina in the US and Lenore from New York City.

We booked our Galapagos trip, (a lifelong dream for us both) completely through this web site with one added bonus.

A couple of days in Quito, Ecuador including one full day of touring with Zuri himself. There we experienced beautiful views of the Andes and some famous sites, very special trips to Indian Markets, where you can buy all kinds of wonderful things and then a trip North to the Equator, which was a sort of mystic, magical experience.

Zuri (owner of this web site) knows his way around Quito like the back of his hand and we were treated like Royalty.

By the time the day ended we did not want to leave his company and I would recommend to anyone that you make this a part of your journey. And that's not where our experience with Zuri ends... but for now, on to Galapagos.

Everything that we were told to expect happened just as we were expecting but better. The service and guidance to Galapagos was seamless and the accommodations and people at the resort where we stayed were beyond our expectations.

Day after day we were greeted by fabulous mornings of friendly staff and great food.

Then each day our knowledgeable, (and I mean expertly knowledgeable guides) took us on breathtaking trips to nearby islands, each unique in landscape, wildlife, and scenery.

The entire place is a miracle of nature and it is easy to understand why Darwin spent so much time there and returned for research and simply the splendor.

We saw wildlife that can be found nowhere else on earth and much like the people of Ecuador and Galapagos, the wildlife there is carefree, unafraid, and so very friendly and welcoming. I cannot imagine NOT returning someday.

I must say that the Blue Footed Boobie has to be my favorite of all animals that I experienced because of their unique appearance and perseverance to survive. They reminded me of the many cultures that I have visited around the world and like them, are a wonder unto themselves.

This is a trip that one could take by themselves for the adventure and soul seeking, a family trip that would thrill the young and old, or an adventurer or photographer because it is a place unlike any that I have ever experienced... and I am an adventure/kayak guide.

In conclusion, everything about this trip was top notch, including the message that Zuri left us at Galapagos Finch Bay Resort just to check to see if everything was going fine.

Talk about customer service. We have kept in touch and remained friends ever since.

Thank you again Zuri from Rodger and Lenore in the US!

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