Galapagos Skywatching

Galapagos skywatching is a fantastic experience you must not miss during your trip to these Enchanted Islands...


You can experience astonishing views of the night sky in the Galapagos Islands. And of course, at Finch Bay Hotel the sights couldn't be any different.

Stargazing in Galapagos is incredible due to the fact that the islands have no artificial light pollution (like in a large city), and that the southern skies are just packed with unique constellations, and some very bright stars.

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Map of Stars

galapagos skywatching

Of course, identifying stars is not a difficult task anymore since the most important Expedition Staffs are equipped with some great tools like astronomy field guides, skywatching software, and some have one-of-a-kind stargazing laser pointers.

All this just adds not only excitement at night, but an in depth approach to what is right above you.

Now, what is happening during September and October in our night sky as celestial highlights?

First of all, as the Equinox approaches near September 23, days are just becoming equal, and later in October the Great Square of Pegasus can be seen from both hemispheres.

Locally though, there are some exciting things to look at night.

For example, looking northeast you will find Andromeda closer to the horizon and Pisces farther east. Capricornus and Aquarius are almost overhead.

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If looking southwest, Scorpius dominates the sky with Sagittarius above it. In October, when facing northeast, we gradually start seeing early in the evening the first stars of Taurus, particularly Aldebaran.

But, a highlight to look for is the arrival of the Orionids meteor shower, around October 21.

This meteor shower, just like the Eta Aquarids of May, are the cosmic dust from Halley's Comet. Better viewing of this will be past midnight.

Without a doubt, to many guests coming from northern latitudes, a highlight will be to see constellations like the famous Southern Cross (Crux), Musca, or Vela, all representatives of the southern skies.

The Expedition has gladly traded the Casino Night of cruise ships, for an Evening With The Stars.

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Galapagos skywatching is another spectacular experience you shall not miss during your trip to the Enchanted Islands...

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