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galapagos snake

The Galapagos Snake is classified into 3 species and they are all endemic to these Islands.


This Galapagos reptile can be a little poisonous to humans and they are very hard to find due to the fact that they are very timid.

These snakes are all constrictor-type snakes and they are rather small, growing up to only 2-3 feet in length.

Some Islands located to the North have no snakes maybe because the weather of these particular islands was not viable for their reproduction.

The life habitat of the Galapagos snake is not well known yet because it is difficult to spot them even though they are all widespread in the Islands.

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Snakes in Galapagos usually feed from insects, Galapagos Lava Lizards, grasshoppers and from Galapagos Marine Iguanas

They are dark brown with yellow longitudinal stripes. Most of the Islands in Galapagos like North Seymour and Santa Fe have one or two species of snakes.

These snakes kill their victims by constriction in other words they wrap around the victim and squeeze it until it cannot breathe. But the snakes in Galapagos have to be very careful and aware from wildcats and mainly from the Galapagos Hawk which is their worst predator.

Some people believe that the Galapagos Islands, mainly because of their tropical location, are Islands that stay the same and that during the year they offer the same wildlife.

But that's not true, the local tropical geography, next to the different ocean currents, holds permanent change during the year. These changes affect the types of wildlife and also the behavioral changes of it.

The Galapagos Islands are an exotic destination, it is a location where you will be constantly surprised. Nothing can compare to the enjoyment of observing Galapagos Island Wildlife

Most of the animals in Galapagos are "not afraid of humans" and they will not fly or run away from you, well except for the timid Galapagos snake of course.

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