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Galapagos Tickets available for easy and secure on-line purchase. Find Quito to Galapagos flights as well as Guayaquil to Galapagos flights and book directly. In this page you can also find information about Quito hotels and Galapagos hotels.


To reach the Galapagos Islands, you should first arrive to the city of Quito or Guayaquil in Ecuador South America and then purchase an internal ticket to Galapagos in any of the 2 national airlines serving flights to Galapagos. These national airlines are Tame and AeroGal.

The Galapagos Islands are a very popular destination, and flights are usually booked with months of anticipation. So an easier and secure way to get your Galapagos tickets on time is by booking or purchasing directly from this site.

To do this you only have to Contact us here and send your request. The current rates in the table below include all taxes and apply all year round:

Galapagos Tickets Rates

Route Price
Quito-Galapagos-Quito $493
Guayaquil-Galapagos-Guayaquil $460
Quito-Galapagos-Guayaquil $471
Guayaquil-Galapagos-Quito $471

As I mentioned above you must arrive to Ecuador first in order to fly to the Galapagos Islands. So a highly recommended way to find cheap flights to Ecuador is using the following search box to purchase last minute tickets to Ecuador. It's a free service so it's worth giving it a try:

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Galapagos Hotels and Quito Hotels

To visit Galapagos it is highly recommended to book a good tour to avoid any delays in flights and purchasing separately the different Galapagos attractions available in the Islands. (It will be more expensive for you this way)

This is why I'd like you to invite to see these Galapagos Hotel Based Tours for a well organized and economic option to spend your vacations in these exotic Islands.

But of course if you prefer, you can organize your Galapagos tour separately, for this we have set up a page with information about the Best Galapagos Hotels available in Santa Cruz Island.

You may also want to visit the capital city of Quito before or after your Galapagos tour. So for this we have also a page with extensive information regarding the most Comfortable Quito Hotels for every budget.

NOTE About Galapagos Tickets: Once at the Quito or Guayaquil airports you will have to check in at least 1 hour and a half before departing to Galapagos because any unclaimed reservations 30 minutes before takeoff are usually given to people on the waiting list.

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles to the west of Ecuador and it is a set of 13 major Islands, 6 smaller ones and more than 40 islets. The most visited Island is Santa Cruz.

The flight time to the Galapagos Islands is approximately 1 and a half hours if you are departing from Guayaquil and 2 and a half hours (including a stop in Guayaquil) if you are departing from Quito.

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