Galapagos Tour Package

Our Galapagos tour package offers affordable prices and exciting itineraries to showcase this fascinating and unique destination.


At Volcanika Adventures we specialize in Island Hopping tours which refer to inclusive trips around the archipelago that don't require sacrificing comfort for adventure.

You stay in top-rated hotels, eat delicious food in local restaurants and have the chance to enjoy the laid-back village life of Galapagos residents.

Book with us for personalized service, first-class guiding and unforgettable encounters with Galapagos wildlife and culture.

Itineraries emphasize hiking and snorkeling but can also include sea kayaking, diving and horseback riding. Our Galapagos eco tours are perfect for families, adventurous retirees and couples looking for an active holiday.

Come to Darwin's living laboratory and experience the wonder of the enchanted islands. Giant tortoises, Blue-footed boobies, Darwin's finches, Hammerhead sharks, Sea turtles and much more!

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An Enchanted Adventure:
Luxury and Standard Class Island Hopping

This Galapagos tour package will let you discover the Galapagos Islands through our action-packed yet flexible itinerary.

We have designed a moderate to challenging trip to include hiking, snorkeling, sea-kayaking or horseback riding.

We can also arrange for scuba diving extensions. We offer variety but, we promise to bring you to the marine and terrestrial biodiversity that makes the Galapagos Islands so special.

Our naturalist guide will ensure your visit is full of adventure and exploration.

Accommodations: Local hotels with full amenities (category 1 or 2)

Trip Length: 8 days / 7 nights (extendable)

Tour Options:

Luxury: $1899

Standard: $1599

Galapagos Tour Package Suitable for:

Adventurous Retirees, Families, Honeymooners, Adventure seekers (we suggest diving/kayaking extensions)

Our itineraries are built both for comfort and adventure. You will stay in hotels with all the amenities, eating delicious food in local restaurants and traveling on board private boats means that we can cater to your dietary and personal needs.

However, this Galapagos nature tour is designed to keep you busy so that you can see as much of the flora and fauna of the Islands as possible.

You will find that our trips satisfy both the choosy traveler and the committed adventure-seeker, of which most of our clients are both!

Included in this Galapagos Tour Package:

  • A walk in the Santa Cruz highlands to find giant tortoises in the wild
  • During the Galapagos land tour you will explore a lava tunnel formed by lava streams thousands of years ago
  • Trips to prime snorkeling spots where you can swim with Galapagos sea lions or Galapagos penguins and spot tropical fishes, rays, sea turtles, sharks, anemones and sea stars
  • Visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the conservation research in the Galapagos
  • Visit to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, Lonesome George (the last of his species), the land iguanas, and the giant tortoise corrals where you can get up close with these enchanting animals
  • Visit a coffee and sugar cane plantation to discover small-scale coffee farming that has been a tradition on the islands for centuries
  • Walk through Galapagos Cactus forest to the idyllic beach, Tortuga Bay, to see the mangrove ecosystems and swim in the surf
  • Kayaking (Trip A) or Horse-back riding to a volcano (Trip B)
  • Experience the best bird watching adventure (Blue-footed Boobies, Frigate Birds, Petrels, Albatross, Vermillion Flycatcher, Darwin's Finches Mockingbirds, etc.)
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about the work of Non-governmental organizations in the community and local conservation efforts to preserve Galapagos biodiversity
  • You will have evenings free to explore the town and dine in fine local restaurants

All Galapagos land tours are guided by experienced, bilingual Galapagos National Park guides. Click Here to See the Galapagos Land Tour Itinerary

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