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Galapagos Tours and Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose MT as your Travel Company


  1. Metropolitan Touring is Ecuador's pioneer of Galapagos Island Tours. MT designed the rules for preservation of the archipelago and set the pace for traveling to the Islands.The knowledge and expertise we have acquired in this 50 years, allows us to give our guests a real Galapagos Expedition
  2. Naturalists are the leaders of Expedition Travel, Licensed multilingual Naturalist Guides lead voyagers through the wonders of the Galapagos National Park.Their expertise matches their contagious enthusiasm, whether discussing geology or bird watching, snorkeling or stargazing, evolution or sports.
  3. Specially built for Galapagos tours. The M/V Santa Cruz and Isabela II ships are the only ones built with the characteristics Galapagos cruising demands. Guests can choose from Master suites with a private balcony to comfortable 4 berth cabins.
  4. Outstanding service. Most members of Santa Cruz and Isabela II have been with us for many years. This is reflected in our guest satisfaction ratio of over 98% of travelers are fully satisfied with MT's Galapagos Tours, the ships and the service.
  5. Variety and flexibility for your enjoyment. Our daily or weekly programs are designed to let you fully experience the sense of Galapagos Discovery
  6. Protection of natural resources. MT is fully committed to the idea that tourism should revolve around the strict protection of natural resources.
  7. Not only Islands, but Marine Reserve. The basis of our operation lies in the water. You will have plenty of time to enjoy its features and insights and engage in activities like snorkeling, swimming, whale watching, and observing marine life from our glass-bottom boat.

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MT Galapagos Tours and its Unique Adventures

HIKE TO TORUGA BAY: A 30-minute hike to a white-sand beach, considered the nicest of the archipelago, a peaceful spot for the nature lover.

Tortuga Bay's name comes from the sea turtles that go there to lay their eggs.

Other species found here are pelicans, Darwin's Finches, Galapagos mockingbirds, doves, and marine iguanas.

Tortuga Bay is one of the Beaches in Galapagos that offer you a wonderful place for meditating, connecting, writing, reading, sunbathing or just relaxing and taking a long nap.

You can spend hours watching birds flying across the beach, crabs moving along the shore and iguanas basking in the sun. The trail gate opens at 5:30 AM for jogging enthusiasts and early birders.

CHARLES DARWIN RESEARCH STATION: All Galapagos tours offered by MT will take you to the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.

This foundation conducts research for Galapagos conservation, focusing on two major areas: management of invasive species and restoration of the native biodiversity and ecosystems.

The Giant Tortoise breeding program is the best chance for guests to spend time with the long-lived reptiles.

ADVENTURE BIKING: Galapagos tours at Finch Bay Hotel offer you an incredible biking adventure in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. There are two main routes:

Route 1: Paradise Downhill Road (14 kilometers/8 miles), altitude of 250 meters (820 ft.) above sea level towards El Garrapatero.

It is a newly opened visitor site in the Galapagos for recreational use (guests need not be accompanied by a guide) with a gorgeous coral-lined beach.

Most of the ride is downhill on moderate terrain (gravel and small rocks). Right behind the beach there is an amazing brackish water pond where pintail ducks, common stilts, and even flamingos can be observed.

Previous mountain biking experience is highly recommended.

Route 2: Bike Quest for Giant Tortoises. From the highlands of Santa Cruz ride about 14 kilometers (8 miles) on paved and dirt roads of medium difficulty.

Arrive at the El Chato Tortoise Reserve and then take a 45-minute hike within the reserve. In addition to the giant tortoises, look for flycatchers, gallinules, rails, and Darwin's finches.

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LAS GRIETAS: To the back of Finch Bay Hotel is a trail leading to beautiful, deep ponds formed by the filtering of underground sea water through lava crevices and half-submerged cliffs. This is a popular place for swimming and snorkeling.

THE LAVA TUBES OF BELLAVISTA: These intriguing natural lava caves are located in the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island. This visit is a great introduction to the geology of the Galapagos and its volcanic origins.

Learn how stalactites and stalagmites form, and understand the violent and fierce "volcanic past" of the Galapagos Islands.

HORSEBACK RIDING: Enjoy horseback riding along paths on the hillsides of Santa Cruz with their spectacular scenery and unique wildlife all around. One of the least known regions of the Galapagos, "the Highlands" will offer you a new and different world.

These selected Galapagos tours and its activities are only available to MT guests, no one else will offer you a better choice.

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