Galapagos Trip

by Theresa Schaffer
(New Hampshire)

This trip in Galapagos has been more than I would have asked for.

The group was outstanding, and so was the crew and ship.

A wonderful new experience every moment.

Animals often came so close that it was tempting to pet them, but, our guide reminded us that touching them is prohibited.

One of the most memorable experiences, though, was swimming with sea lions.

The sea was warm enough for swimming without a wet suit, and we enjoyed wonderful days of beach fun and snorkeling.

The islands sustain not only unique species but also remarkably friendly ones.

Our guide told us that Galapagos creatures have evolved without predators and subsequently have no fear of people, which makes for some thrilling close wildlife encounters.

It has been the adventure of my lifetime and a most extraordinary vacation.

Congratulations Zuri, thank you for organizing this tour, great service!. Wonderful crew, guests and SC Naturalists made this trip memorable, my first south of the Equator.


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