Galapagos Visit

by Irmhild and Monica
(Stuttgart, Germany)

We had a great time in Galapagos, enjoyed it very much!
In terms of tour organization, timing was good, we liked the hotel and the guides were nice and had a lot of information to share.

We did change the itinerary one day and stayed at Santa Cruz island in Tortuga bay beach as it was a bit windy that night and we were not really sure if our stomaches would feel so well on the boat transfer.

Seeing all the different kind of animals, being so close to them, was a special experience!

The guides took us to some breathtaking hikes to every island we visited. The landscapes and scenery were unique.

Snorkeling was also included in the package so we had some wonderful experiences with Galapagos marine life too.

Overall, we enjoyed the trip very much! Thanks a lot! Zuri

We also had a great time in Quito, a beautiful city!

Kind regards
Irmhild and Mónica

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