Galapagos Visitor Sites

by Vince Cacanindin
(Bellevue, WA, US)

I can only afford to spend 4 days in the Galapagos Islands.

What are the most visited sites, in order of number of visitors?

Your Answer

Hi Vince, the most visited sites in Galapagos in order of the number of visitors and importance are: Santa Cruz Island, Floreana Island, Isabela Island, Santa Fe Island, Daphne Islet and Espanola Island.

Description of Each Island

Santa Cruz Island

It is home to the Charles Darwin Research Station. The turquoise waters of the bay are a fine location for pelicans, marine iguanas, herons, sea lions, and many numbers of blue-footed boobies.

If you enjoy beach landscapes without skyscrapers, a walk to the Galapagos Beach of Tortuga bay will be a great highlight of the trip.

Punta Estrada is the place to meet for an in depth contact with untouched nature, peacefulness, and spectacular landscapes. You can also walk to Las Grietas for more contact with nature.

Floreana Island

Located South from The Archipelago, it's also called "Island of the thousand hills." Floreana Island is the best place on Earth if you want peace and escape from the noisy world.

To the north of Floreana is located Post Office Bay, a charming place where you can follow the tradition of pirates and whalers of the past.

Isabela Island

It is formed by six volcanoes merged into a single Island, making it one of the hot Islands of Galapagos and one of the most active volcanic regions.

Half the surface of Isabela Island is composed of large sterile fields, covered with lava and lunar landscapes. It also gives a wonderful shelter to birds, considered one of the most beautiful and the most complete Islands of Galapagos.

Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe is located southeast from Santa Cruz Island. Its turquoise water Bay its ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The bay is protected by a natural barrier of rocks, on which are seen colonies of sea lions.

Daphne Islet

Daphne Major Islet is located north of Santa Cruz Island and west of Baltra. Piedra Ancha beach is a great place to snorkel having the opportunity to see sea turtles, colorful fish, sharks and rays.

Espanola Island

This Island has a unique fauna and birdwatching the waved albatrosses among other rare birds is one of the greatest attractions.

Gardner Bay is located on the northwestern side of the Island, is a white sand paradise. It is a tourist favorite for swimming and snorkeling.

Galapagos Tours

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This tour has 2 excursions to the nearby Islands of Floreana and Santa Fe Island and you can even visit Isabela Island for just an additional of $35 to cover fuel.

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