Galapagos Weather

Galapagos Weather is nice and very comfortable. It belongs to tropical heat but it is tempered by the Pacific Ocean Breezes.


However, it is tempered by Pacific breezes, and these by South Equatorial Current.

There are Two Seasons in the Islands:

  • The hot season from December to May when humidity is high and average temperatures are in the 80s F (26 - 30 C).
  • And the dry season from June to November. There may be occasional showers, but the days are generally hot and sunny.

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From June to November, the dry season appears, you can expect cool winds, occasionally bringing with them a light misty-type drizzle called garĂșa. Temperatures average in the 70s F (20 - 24 C) during the day and lower at night.

For those of you who would like to Snorkel in Galapagos I recommend to bring a shortie wet suit, since the Galapagos waters cool down to temperatures that range in the 60s F (18 - 20 C).

As you can see Galapagos weather is great and favorable to visit for most of the year mainly because of its latitudinal advantage.

NOTE: Enjoy the fantastic Galapagos Island Wildlife meet some of the most unusual and fascinating species in the world, both terrestrial and marine, are found in these Islands.

Here most of the surface (96%) is a National Park, surrounded by the protected Galapagos Marine Reserve both of them UNESCO World Heritages Sites.

The Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean over 1000 km West from the South American continent.

The Galapagos (officially named the Archipelago of Colon) are a dynamic region that changes frequently with volcanic eruptions. There are new lava fields forming and Islands eroding and expanding constantly. Take a Look at the Main Galapagos Attractions

There are 13 Main Islands in Galapagos and They Are:

Baltra, Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Marchena, Pinta, Pinzon, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago.

Enjoy this famous Archipelago and its fantastic Galapagos weather all year round... it will be there to satisfy you all the way. See a Nice Gallery of Photos of Galapagos here

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