Ibarra Ecuador

Ibarra Ecuador has a unique combination of Highland Indians, White people, Afro-Ecuadorians from the nearby Chota Valley and also Colombian people.


This gives the city an exciting multicultural edge.

Ibarra is the capital city of the Imbabura Province.

Located on a wide and green valley, at the foot of Imbabura volcano, two hours north of Quito.

The city was named after Miguel de Ibarra, who founded this city in 1606 on behalf of the Spanish Crown. After the earthquake of 1868, it was rebuilt and re-founded in 1872.

ibarra ecuador

Known as the White City, Ibarra still maintains its Spanish tradition and each corner keeps the past memories which project to the present, and in harmony, the colonial area combines with the modern one.

Ibarra Ecuador is also a melting pot of a variety of this country's Cultures and Races that enrich and make of this province unique, with a spring like weather all year.

In Ibarra there are lot of places to visit, such as parks, churches, museums, traditional sites, lakes and hills.

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The downtown of the city still conserves the beautiful architecture of the Spanish Colonial Churches and houses. Caranqui is a place with special history and tradition from pre-Inca times.

The nearby town of San Antonio stands out for its amazing and diverse wood carvings. This town is located 20 Km north of Otavalo City and ten minutes south from Ibarra.

When you arrive to the village of San Antonio you'll find several workshops lined in the main street. The finest woodcarvings are at the gallery of Luis Potosi on the main plaza.

La Esperanza is a town known for its delicate embroidery. The villages of Alpargata are well known for its typical and delicious food. La Campiña and El Tejar are famous for its weaving industry.

Yahuarcocha: is the name of one of its most important lakes, and the surroundings have beautiful recreation areas bordering the lake. The locations of La Florida and Chorlaví have fertile ground and colorful valleys.

Cuicocha Lake: is a lake located in the crater of a volcano. It is pristine location surrounded by spectacular nature and landscapes. (Absolutely great for hiking)

Paseo Bolivar is a legendary place located in the precipice that overlooks the Tahuando river.

Indian Market days are on Saturdays and the main festivities in Ecuador Ibarra are: Fiesta de los Lagos on the last weekend of September with colorful parades throughout the city called "EI Pregon" and "Virgen del Carmen" on the July 16th of each year.

Colonial Churches in Ibarra Ecuador:

  • La Catedral, Roman style
  • San Agustín, built with mud and tile
  • La Merced, Roman style, built at the beginning of the 19th Century
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican community, built at the time of Ibarra's foundation
  • Santuario del Señor del Amor, Greco-Roman style, built over the foundation of an Inca sun temple
  • San Francisco, very attractive with its façade made of laja stone
  • Basílica La Dolorosa, neo-Roman inspiration
  • Capilla San Diego, with a façade made of stone blocks, and its major attraction is the door at the entrance door, which is more than 150 years old.

The main activity in the city of Ibarra is"Paddleball" (Ecuadorian style).

This is a curious Ecuadorian paddleball game played with a small, soft ball and large, spiked paddies that look like medieval torture implements.

The city has two plazas very well preserved: Parque Pedro Moncayo and the Parque Victor Manuel Peñaherrera, better known as Parque de la Merced.

Most buildings and homes in Ibarra Ecuador are colonial style and painted in white, that's why Ibarra is also known as the White city.

Typical Food of Ibarra Ecuador:

  • paila ice cream, made of natural fruit beaten by hand in a bronze paila (like a frying pan)
  • empanadas de morocho, turnovers made with white corn and filled with peas, carrots and rice
  • nogadas, a candy made of natural sugar cane with nuts
  • arrope de mora, is a blueberry jam or syrup chicha de jora, is the oldest beverage in America, made with fermented corn
  • tortillas con caucara, boiled potato patties, served with onions, lettuce, red meat and topped with a fried egg.

While you are visiting Ibarra, I would recommend you to visit also the train station and the Indian market area which is always a buzz with interesting activity.

The city of Ibarra Ecuador has plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants for each traveler's budget.

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