Latacunga Ecuador

Latacunga Ecuador is a nice and tranquil colonial city with many pieces of religious artwork on display. In the center of Latacunga there are beautifully kept gardens for all to enjoy.


The town is famous for its Mama Negra celebrations. It is a good base point for some interesting excursions such as to the Cotopaxi volcano.

It's also the starting point for the Quilotoa loop, and it's the best point from which to visit the Thursday morning market in Saquisili Indian Market

Latacunga's name originates from the indigenous words llacta cunani, which translates into land of my choice.

Latacunga Ecuador was once an important colonial center, but today there is little evidence of its long history, due to the eruptions caused by nearby Cotopaxi volcano that had destroyed the city several times before.

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Cotopaxi Volcano that stands at 19,388 feet high has caused a lot of destruction over the years. In fact, on three occasions (in 1742, 1768 and in 1877) the town has been destroyed by this majestic volcano.

Cotopaxi volcano's activity is none at the moment and other eruptions are not expected for at least some decades more.

Latacunga Ecuador has a population of around 55,000 people. If you are visiting Quito, you will easily find the town of Latacunga about 55 miles south of the Ecuadorian capital.

Latacunga has an international airport that is used by the Air Force and for cargo flights (mainly roses). Due to the high location of Latacunga city it has quite a cold climate and is windy specially at nights.

The economy of Latacunga is based largely on cultivating flowers and agriculture. In the center of Latacunga there are beautifully kept gardens for you to enjoy.

These gardens can be found in the Parque Vicente Leon at the center of the city.

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Latacunga Ecuador Attractions

Parque Vicente Leon: has beautiful well preserved gardens. Others similar to this one are Parque San Francisco and La Laguna known also as "Lago Flores".

Casa de los Marqueses de Miraflores: which is set inside a beautiful colonial mansion.

Each room of this fine mansion is a small museum which has different exhibits of Colonial art, the Mama Negra festivities, archaeology, etc.

Casa de la Cultura: houses a very interesting museum with weavings, pre-Colombian artifacts, ceramics and other exhibits as well as a theater and an art gallery.

This museum also hosts the city's main festivals, celebrations and concerts. Other museums can be found at Escuela Isidro Ayora and at the Cathedral.

Mama Negra Celebrations: Latacunga's main celebration is in homage to the "Virgen de las Mercedes".

The "Mama Negra Celebrations" are held on the 23rd and 24th of September, with street dancing, costumes, fireworks, local music and impressive processions.

This is a very colorful and renowned celebration in the region that is well worth seeing.

Other celebrations in Latagunga Ecuador are: Fiesta de la Provincia (April 1), Dia de la Cultura (August 9) and Fiesta de Latacunga (November 11).

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Quilotoa Lagoon: The journey of 2hrs and a half to the lagoon goes through spectacular landscapes, lined with numerous squares of farms, no matter how steep the mountain looked.

You will pass through tiny villages and moorland bushes. There are llamas and cows with villagers herding them.

The landscapes are representative of rural Ecuador with hardworking farmers and herders against the soothing grasslands and stunning snowy mountains.

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