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by Tomas

I am curious about how is it to live in Puerto Ayora and Santa Cruz in Galapagos? What do you do? How is everyday life? How is the culture and the locals?

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Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island has the largest port in the Galapagos Islands and has a current population of approximately 12,000.

Life in this town is very relaxed even though there are thousands of tourists visiting it every month.

Fishing and tourism are the main sources of income in Santa Cruz.

In general the culture and costumes are very similar to the ones practiced in Mainland Ecuador

Galapagos culture is a mixture between the people that came from the highlands, the Amazon Jungle and the coast of Ecuador.

People in Galapagos is very warm, friendly and always willing to help visitors.

Many visitors and scientists specially from USA and Europe have also become a part of the culture in Galapagos.

Today the town of Puerto Ayora is an important tourism spot due to the beautiful surrounding beaches and landscapes.

Puerto Ayora is a lively seaside town offering international cuisine, oceanfront hotels, outdoor bars, scuba diving schools and an avenue of boutiques with beautiful handicrafts and the famous Panama hats.

Puerto Ayora has a privileged location, along the shores of Academy Bay. During most of the year, it receives a refreshing breeze which gives the town a wonderful weather.

You will be amazed by the peace of Puerto Ayora, its friendly people and fearless wildlife.

If you enjoy beach landscapes without skyscrapers, a walk to the beach of Tortuga bay will be a great highlight.

Who would think that there are still beaches with white sand, but without high-rise buildings, or hotels everywhere with human masses of visitors?

Puerto Ayora is far from the bustling cities on mainland Ecuador. The bay is full of sailboats, sea birds fill the air and marine iguanas line the shore.

Though a thriving center of commerce, people still enjoy a laid back Island attitude.

There are many locations for those who enjoy true nature. Punta Estrada is the place to meet for an in depth contact with untouched nature, peacefulness, and spectacular landscapes.

Generally in Galapagos you can admire birds at close distances, swim between sea lions, penguins and dolphins, and take pictures beside giant tortoises.

Puerto Ayora is a town that shouldn't be missed in any Galapagos trip.

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