Manabi Ecuador

In Manabi Ecuador many visitors decide to acquire a real estate property like a vacation home or even a retirement house.


Manabi has enchanted many tourists with the natural beauty of its beaches.

The provincial capital of Manabi Province is Portoviejo

The province is divided into 22 regions which are named after the Manabi people.

The economy in Manabi is based on the utilization of natural resources such as cacao, bananas, cotton, among others. On the industrial part, there is Tuna canning, tobacco, and the production of alcoholic beverage.

Manabi Borders

In the north Manabi borders to Esmeraldas, west to the Pacific Ocean, south to Guayas and east to Guayas, Los Rios and Pichincha.

Manabi Ecuador has the best beaches of Ecuador. In the small fishing villages of Manabi you can relax, enjoy the peace of nature and eat amazing seafood.

Slowly more small fishing villages are starting to welcome travellers into their lives and showing them the great lifestyle normal to fishing villages.

Manabi Ecuador Beaches

Bahia de Caraquez: is a popular destination for middle class Ecuadoreans to enjoy a holiday. In many ways it is similar to Salinas near Guayaquil

Skyscrapers and apartment buildings have been built in Bahia de Caraquez and are usually filled with visitors from Quito enjoying a weekend or a holiday at the coast.

For foreign visitors Bahia de Caraquez is still worth a stop. A pleasant walk along the boulevard and excellent seafood restaurants will undoubtedly be a pleasant way to spend an evening for anybody.

Bahia de Caraquez is also famous for being very ecofriendly. Recycling is very common and the place is clean.

Canoa Beach: Over the past few years this beach has gained popularity, especially with backpackers looking for a fun low-budget place to enjoy the beach.

Canoa has some really nice things to offer. Besides a great 20km long white sandy beach there is some great budget accommodation right at the beach.

The palm trees will cover you from the sun while you enjoy a nice cocktail or a cold beer.

Most visitors stay in Canoa longer than expected. The relaxing atmosphere and friendly locals will make you feel very comfortable.

Las Tunas: is the place to go for a combination of catching waves and relaxing in a nice little town. The deserted white sandy beach stretches out for several kilometers.

You only have to share it with the local fishermen and very few tourists.

It is amazing to see that Las Tunas is only half hour away from the bustling tourism town Puerto Lopez, but there are very few tourists.

Las Tunas in Manabi Ecuador is the ideal place for people trying to get away from things and immerse in the tranquil life that this little community has to offer.

The main attraction to Las Tunas is the beach and the amazing surfing waves, all year round. This makes Las Tunas a great alternative for the popular surf spot of Montanita

Puerto Lopez: It isn't only a fun fishing village to enjoy fresh fish and a pleasant coast, you can also find the beautiful Machallila National Park in the area.

La Plata Island is the most famous part of the park. The little island has earned the nickname 'poor man's Galapagos'. The natural diversity on the island gives you a simple peak at the beauty of the real Galapagos Islands.

The long and white sandy beach of Los Frailes is worth a visit. You can enjoy the beach or walk around the area and go birdwatching.

In the summer months, the towns along the coastline like Puerto Lopez become takeoff points for whale-watching.

Manabi Ecuador is one of Ecuador's premier tourist destinations. Nearby, the small town of Montecristi is famous for being the birthplace, and still a major producer, of Panama hats

The landlocked canton of Chone offers visitors the chance to explore tropical dry forests.

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Manabi's most famous attractions are its beaches. The Manabi coastline has some of the nicest beaches in Ecuador.

Other popular coastal destinations in Manabi Ecuador include Pedernales, Jama, San Vicente, the windsurfing hotspot at Crucita and the city of Manta.

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