Misahualli Ecuador

Misahualli Ecuador is located right on the Napo River in the Rainforest and has a reputation for ecological tourism.


Monkeys literally hang out in the town square and help to welcome tourists. The town is located just a 45 minute drive to the east of Tena City

It is deeper into the Rainforest and a good place to begin a jungle tour.

Misahualli is famous for it's location in the inter flow of rivers Napo and Misahualli.

It may be interesting to visit for a budget traveler as well because there are a lot of hostels and places which you may reach walking or in a public bus.

During a week you may call it a sleeping village and feel yourself like the only tourist, at the end of the week it turns to a tourist attraction.

You can visit Misahualli Ecuador anytime of the year alone or with your family and stay in any of the various hotels, cabins or jungle lodges.

You may enjoy staying in a village watching loose monkeys, swimming, making tubing, rafting or walking to the nearest Indian communities, visit a waterfall, visit in a canoe an animal rescue center, museums in Indian communities and try to find yourself with the famous shamanic ritual of ayahausca.

Misahualli Jungle Tours

One of the wisest things to do upon arrival is to locate a native guide. A good guide and plan for the adventure makes for a great experience.

You will find an ample number and a variety of places to stay in this area.

It is reported that in this area of the Ecuadorian rainforest, there are more jungle lodges than anywhere else in the country.

Most local guides or tour operators can provide inexpensive excursions into the rainforests within the Napo River Region.

Considerable populations of Quichua Indians inhabit the area, and from Misahualli Ecuador, it's possible to travel up the Napo river in a motorized canoe and visit indigenous communities.

The people have retained their inherent customs, stories/myths, and ethnic culture over centuries.

And if you are fortunate, some will invite you to participate in traditional dancing, or to help to prepare chicha (an alcoholic drink made by mashing corn or yucca and fermenting the juice), or they may explain the medicinal value of various forest plants.

Misahualli Ecuador still offers good guide services and most of them will go further afoot to Yasuni National Park or Cuyabeno Reserve for big jungle adventures.

While setting up a trip, enjoy the rolling and rugged physical geography of Misahualli's outskirts and the hospitable village life.

Misahualli Jungle Lodge

Is a large complex divided into cabins and suites with a capacity for 80 people, its design is consistent with the area.

Its construction is incorruptible wood materials, although this provides the necessary comfort and safety.

It is located on one side by the river Misahualli and on the other side the Napo River.

There are settlements of small towns called communities along the Napo River. Nature is lavish but very difficult for agriculture, the rivers are magnificent roads.

The horizon is wide and is passed through the sun and cooled by the breeze of the jungle and rivers, there is music of cicadas, insects, being the masters of the music of birds, sunrises are inviting life, dreams evenings, nights orchestrated by insects and frogs, you'll be glad to rest under the stars.

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Drinking strange beer, taking herbal teas, eating new foods, and learning about the day-to-day lives of the Indians of Ecuador's rainforest is a worthwhile experience.

It is worthwhile as an opportunity to glimpse a way of life different in almost every respect to that with which you are familiar. Also because revenues from tourism undoubtedly play a part in protecting the fragile forests of Misahualli Ecuador.

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