Most Popular Island in Galapagos

by Carly

What island is the most popular in Galapagos.

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The most popular Island in Galapagos is Santa Cruz. The main city in this Island is Puerto Ayora.

The months of the hot season turn Puerto Ayora in a tropical paradise.

The turquoise waters of the bay are a fine location for pelicans, marine iguanas, herons, sea lions, and many numbers of blue-footed boobies.

The beautiful town of Puerto Ayora has the greatest variety of services, commerce, and tourist options throughout the Archipelago.

Puerto Ayora is also the home base for the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Galapagos National Park Service.

If you enjoy beach landscapes without skyscrapers, a walk to Tortuga Bay beach will be a great highlight of the trip.

Other Popular Islands

You can also visit Isabela, San Cristobal, Espanola and Bartolome Islands. All of them are very popular among visitors to the Galapagos Islands.

From an expedition point of view, there's nothing more exciting than being able to see all of the Islands that compose this Archipelago in a once-in a lifetime visit.

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