Muisne Ecuador

Muisne Ecuador is a small village set on an Island with an extensive beach that attracts people from all over the world.


muisne ecuador

The beach of Muisne with its soft sand has become one of the best attractions in Ecuador.

It is located 30 minutes south of Atacames beach in the Esmeraldas Province.

You will have to take a short 5 minute journey in canoe to get to this Island from mainland Ecuador, but because of its fairly isolated location, it is virtually untouched by the throngs of tourists that visit the more popular beaches in Esmeraldas.

There are some mangroves remaining in the area, and this is one of the few places where mangroves are still protected.

The narrow channel between the mainland and the eastern side of the island is crossed mainly by small motor boats for passengers and by barges for cars and small trucks.

Muisne Ecuador has a population of about 7,000 and there's also a small shrimp and banana production.

Muisne beach is like a lost paradise with long stretches of sunset perfect beaches.

Barefooted locals pedal the few tourists across the Island in rickety bicycle taxis, from the tiny town where the ferries dock to the small selection of oceanfront hotels offering basic budget-level accommodations.

Tonsupa Beach

It is located on the south west of Esmeraldas. It is a mixture of agricultural landscapes and the majesty of its extensive beaches.

Tonsupa has big and comfortable hotels and tourist complexes, apartments, cabins, hotels, inns, and resorts of good quality.

If you seek to enjoy calm beaches and the sunny days, then this is the place.

Tonsupa has beautiful waves and clean sand. You can eat many all kinds of seafood at the local restaurants.

Tonsupa is also a great spot for snorkeling, since it possesses a beautiful submarine landscape.

Same Beach

It is a quiet beach resort about 6km southwest of Sua beach. Same is slightly more expensive than Atacames.

The attractive gray-sand beach is palm fringed and very clean.

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You will be impressed by Ecuador's pristine beaches. Although right on the equator, the Humboldt current keeps temperatures in the F70s and F80s throughout most of the year.

Days are great to rest and swim. Nights however, dance clubs and loud music will usually rock even the most isolated beaches in Ecuador.

Muisne Ecuador suits its end-of-the-road locale and makes a perfect destination if you want to get away from it all.

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