Penguin Tours

by Terrie Lavery
(Los Angels CA USA)

Can I see penguins on Santa Cruz Island in August or September.

I know they are on other Islands but it is much more expensive to go to those Islands on the tours.

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The biggest populations can be seen mainly on the Islands of Fernandina and Isabela.

They are also present in small numbers in Bartolome, Santa Cruz and Floreana Islands.

We offer economic Galapagos tours that visit Bartolome, Floreana and Isabela Islands to see the penguins and other endemic sea and land animals.

Our tours are all inclusive with hotel (in Santa Cruz Island), yacht transportation, 3 meals a day, snorkeling gear, hiking and guided visits to Charles Darwin Research Station.

We have certified Naturalist Guides that will make your Galapagos expedition an unforgettable experience.

Our Tour Rates (in Double Room):

4D/3N: $1.155 (2 full-day excursions in yacht to nearby islands)
5D/4N: $1,289 (3 full-day excursions in yacht to nearby islands)
6D/5N: $1,345 (3 full-day excursions in yacht to nearby islands)
8D/7N: $1,635 (6 full-day excursions in yacht to nearby islands)

Enjoy the amazing Galapagos wildlife as you spend an unforgettable adventure exploring some of the unique Islands of Galapagos.

You depart in the morning and return to the hotel in the afternoon. The itinerary includes visitor sites with unique highlights of both Galapagos vegetation and wildlife observation.

You will thoroughly enjoy the magic world of the Galapagos Islands, its volcanic past, turquoise waters, mangroves and islet-dotted seas.

During navigation the Naturalist guides will present lectures and documentaries on natural history. Sun deck observation of birds and dolphin spotting are activities not to be missed.

Please use our Contact Form for bookings or request more information.

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