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Pinas Ecuador is surrounded by the most charming landscapes with colorful orchids that brighten up the days.


pinas ecuador

In recent years Pinas has become an important tourist attraction in Ecuador.

The town was founded by Juan de Loayza in 1815, and it is located in El Oro Province in Sothern Ecuador.

It has a population of around 35,000 with an elevation of 1,100 mts and a temperature that ranges from 18-21 C.

The town is better known throughout Ecuador as the Orchid of the Andes due to the many wild orchids found in its cloud forests.

Pinas Ecuador is located in a privileged zone, surrounded by Balsas, Santa Rosa, Zaruma, Portovelo, Atahualpa and Marcabeli cantons.

Pinas is a friendly town that welcomes you any time of the year.

The town has many spas and tourist attractions of singular beauty.

Pinas Ecuador Atractions

Village Orchid Garden

The orchid garden contains a variety of bromeliads and heleconias, and has an active tilapia fish breeding pond.

Bilingual guides available and a photo display of the orchid garden's most popular orchids and other environmental information is available in the PiƱas Municipal Building.

Native Tree Walk:

This is a hiking adventure tour around the most common native trees found in Ecuador.

It is located on the local hillside known as Cerro de Cristo.

The main entrance to the walk is located south of Pinas.

Buenaventura Ecological Reserve:

It is located a few minutes from the city of Pinas.

The reserve has 1,350 hectares, with a height between 550 and 1000 m.a.s.l.

This site has an extraordinary flora and fauna, with many endemic species which makes it even more interesting.

The climate of the reserve with special characteristics is a perfect habitat for species that have made this diverse area their home.

The climate in Pinas is perfect for the growing of the most beautiful orchards where nature is always brimming with varied colors that will make you live unforgettable moments.

You will hardly forget about Pinas Ecuador because it is said that if you were lucky enough to visit it, you will surely return to walk in its streets and flowered landscapes.

People who had to leave Pinas town for any reason can't wait to travel back and enjoy the peace and tranquility that the town offers.

Some of its buildings preserve features of beautiful colonial architectural heritage.

These colonial buildings are a treasure for the city, each one of them guards the history of ancestors whose purpose was to see the town of Pinas grow and succeed.

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Today there are many modern buildings that make a perfect contrast with the old Pinas.

By its architecture, ornament, cleanness and other positive features like the continuous work of its inhabitants is known to be as one of the most modern and best established towns across the El Oro province and nation wide recognized.

Its men and beautiful women, will continue to work with its hands and creative minds to develop a large number of projects aimed at the development of Pinas Ecuador.

Pinas is showing to the world as it is, an orchid with delicate petals bursting with culture, work and history.

The town is a perfect match, the beauty of their women, delicate and colossal perfume orchids and the exuberant countryside around the town which makes this location an Eden to admire nature and relax.

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