Pinzon Island in Galapagos

Galapagos Pinzon Island also know as Duncan, is the twelfth largest Island of this enchanted Archipelago.


This Island is home to endemic Giant tortoises, Sea lions, Galapagos hawks, dolphins and Marine iguanas.

The Island of Pinzon has an area of 18 square km (7 square miles) and a maximum altitude of 458 mt (1,503 feet).

This Island was named after the Pinzon brothers, captains of the Pinta and NiƱa caravels of the Christopher Columbus trip to America.

Pinzon is also known as Duncan Island named after Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan.

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Pinzon Island offers some wonderful scuba diving opportunities and lets you get up close with a plethora of marine life like sea turtles, eels, eagle rays, marine iguanas, dolphins and even lobsters.

Swim with playful sea lion pups as you dive along the coast to explore the rich beauty of the world below.

Pinzon located on the Northwest side of Santiago Island is a majestic rock formation. With a sloped sandy bottom on both sides, and a wall on the deep side of the rocks that drops off to 100'+, this makes it an excellent dive site.

While there is a marine tortoise reserve and seal rookery here in Pinzon, this Island is off limits to visitors. A permit is usually required for scientists and researchers who wish to visit.

Pinzon marks the geographical center of the Galapagos Islands so it is surprising that none of the Galapagos Islands two main tree species do not occur on this Island.

However, in the humid zone of Pinzon a unique species of the daisy tree is found.

Landing on Galapagos Pinzon is very difficult due to 150 mts high cliffs and a collapsed volcano. You can see the results of marine erosion here.

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It is a geologically diverse Island in the central part of the Archipelago to the west of Santa Cruz Island.

The Island is home to lava lizards, snakes (harmless), a population of giant tortoises that live inland in an old crater, there are also finches and a large colony of Galapagos hawks.

Vegetation at Pinzon Island is mainly composed of shrubs and croton. Unfortunately it is not included in any cruise or land tour itineraries and so far only scientists have access to this Island with a special permit.

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