Puerto Lopez Ecuador

Puerto Lopez Ecuador is the perfect place to enjoy gorgeous beaches and see humpback whales from June to September.


puerto lopez ecuador

It is considered as the ecological capital of the Ecuadorean coast.

It is a region dedicated to tourism and the environment and a perfect launching point for discovering the natural marvels of Machalilla National Park.

Puerto Lopez itself is a small town of about 16,000 people on the coast of Ecuador.

It is the main center of the canton of Puerto Lopez, which includes a few smaller villages, to the north (Machalilla) and south (Salango, Puerto Rico, Las Tunas, Ayampe).

The region offers a wide range of accommodations, restaurants and facilities to suit every style and budget. There are also many tourism companies who can help you plan your trips and arrange whale watching tours.

Towards the north of the beach is very nice and clean, away from the fleet of fishing boats. This is the nearest town from where you can visit the Machalilla National Park.

Many tourists come to Puerto Lopez Ecuador between June and September for whale watching tours. There is snorkeling and many other things to do in the Machalilla National Park.

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Machalilla National Park

The Machalilla National Park covers an area of 50.000 hectares and includes the Plata and Salango islands. It is the only national park with a combination of national, cultural, island and continental influences.

It offers the most beautiful landscapes of the Ecuadorian coast and includes dry equatorial and rain forests.

Good paved roads connect Puerto Lopez with national airports a few hours away, making it a short and comfortable journey to the town.

Puerto Lopez Ecuador is home to crowds of whale-watchers, as humpbacks and killer whales make their way south.

But outside of those months, eco-tourists are close to the natural beauty of the Machalilla National Park and its many attractions.

Machalilla takes its name from one of the pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited this area. The Valdivia, Chorrera and Manteña Cultures also lived in this land of mild climate and extraordinary landscapes.

Its yearly average temperature is 75ºF. The influence of the Humboldt Current in the Pacific conserves the amazing tropical humid and dry tropical forests.

One of the main attractions of the park is "Isla de la Plata". It was named at the end of the XIV century, when the pirate Francis Drake took treasures from Spanish ships and hid them on this site.

According to the legend, much of this treasure was never claimed and is still hidden here.

The Island is surrounded by Coral Reefs, so the marine life is exciting and plentiful. You will find some excellent scuba diving services here. The Island has two guided hiking routes, both with awesome sights.

You will see a rare colony of blue footed boobies, masked boobies, frigate birds and albatrosses, just like in the Galapagos Islands.

This part of Ecuador is home to three separate ecosystems, all within a very small area. The tropical ecosystem consists of the beautiful beaches and coastline, dotted with sand and palm trees, as well as spectacular rocks and cliffs.

The forests make up the other two ecosystems, which are considered to be "dry forest" and "wet forest" and both have different types of vegetation and animals.

Los Frailes is a deserted white sand beach considered among the prettiest of Ecuador. It has breathtaking sceneries and hiking trails into the surrounding dry forest.

From unspoiled beaches, to ancient archaeological ruins, from horseback rides in the cloud forest to deep sea fishing or watching the behavior of majestic humpback whales, Puerto Lopez Ecuador has it all.

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