Quito Airport

International Quito Airport was refurbished several years ago. You will be surprised by its modern infrastructure.


However a new airport is being built which is ten times larger than the existing one.

The new airport will be fifteen miles away from Quito in a place called Tababela.

The new airport on Tababela will sit nearly 2,000 feet lower than the current Quito airport. With the lower altitude and the 11,000 foot runway, airlines will be able to schedule more convenient take off and arrival times.

Quito's Mariscal Sucre Airport is located 2,813 meters above sea-level in the Andes Mountains and it requires that most international and national Ecuador Airlines to come and go early mornings or late evenings because cool air provides more lift.

Mariscal Sucre Airport

Small but with modern installations and services the remodeled Mariscal Sucre Quito airport opens its doors to provide the city and the country with a first class airport to serve you and worldwide passengers who arrive and/or depart from the beautiful City of Quito

The Municipality and the Airport Corporation have worked intensively to provide the country's capital with all the facilities to allow a safe take off and a pleasant arrival.

Not only have the expansion and modernization of the Quito airport works been completed but also the optimization of the airport services through a new operator, Quiport Corporation S.A.

A new age begins. Mariscal Sucre Airport, in business for over 50 years, has been a silent witness of the Quito's growth, of the coming and going of businessmen and women, and of the fascinating world of tourism, amongst other activities.

New International Quito Airport

The Company in charge of the capital's airport management system and the administration of the current Mariscal Sucre airport, as well as of the construction of the new airport located in Tababela, 25 kilometers from the capital city is Quiport.

Quiport Corporation S.A. is a 100 percent privately owned capital firm formed by Canadian, US, and Brazilian companies that have invested in this vital development project in Ecuador.

The new airport, which was designed by Marshall Macklin and Monaghan of Canada (Avatar Consulting was also involved in the planning) started construction in early 2006 and will be finished in February 2013.

This is South America's only new airport under construction and, when complete, will be its newest and most advanced airport in the region.

The new airport is being built on a 1,500ha site about 15 miles from the center of Quito.

The terminal building will have a floor space of 38,900 square meters on four levels, there will be six jet ways and 12 remote gates.

The air traffic control tower will be 41mt tall, with the building occupying a site of 901 square meters.

The initial cargo capacity will be 250,000 tons a year (eventually increasing to 440,000 tons).

The cargo and support area will have 10,000 square meters of storage space and 2,200 square meters for offices, refrigerated storage and access (bonded) areas and also a 5,000 square meters hangar for maintenance activity.

The airport will also incorporate a 60ha free-trade business zone to encourage commerce (increasing to 220ha by 2030).

User fees (passengers and airlines) are being invested in:

  • The existing airport for improvements and delivery of world class services.
  • Financing for construction at the New Airport. Quito is the only Latin American city that is financing the construction of a brand new airport.

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International travelers fees represent 79% of the total departure fees collected. (Currently, domestic departure fees are $7.60 and international departure fees are $40.80 per trip, including $5 for the Civil Aviation Directorate).

The transfer of operations from the Mariscal Sucre International Airport to the New Quito Airport, will release 120 hectares of prime land in downtown Quito for public use or private development. It seems that a huge park will be built in the old airport in Quito.

Closure of the Mariscal Sucre Airport will remove serious risks to health, safety and the environment.

The location of the new Airport in Quito was selected and approved by Ecuadorian authorities and by the worlds leading international aviation authorities.

Technology and techniques in construction from the Canadian engineering and construction team of Aecon Group and its partners have been transferred to 1,500 on-site workers.

The increased volume and runway capacity at the New Quito Airport will greatly enhance Ecuador's export capabilities as well as its important tourism industry.

Given the increased capacity of the New International Airport, the economic activities generated will significantly improve local employment opportunities.

The New Quito Airport promises to be an economic engine for Quito and for Ecuador.

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