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What is the weather like in Quito during the month of June?

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The weather in June is generally warm and sunny during the whole day. There are certain days that there will be quick showers mainly during the afternoons.

Quito's altitude is of 2,820 mts (9,252 feet). Though because it is located only 25 kilometers from the Equator, Quito does not suffer through long winters.

On the contrary, Quito enjoys spring-like days and cool nights almost year round. The climate in the Andes Mountains varies according to the altitude and the time of the year.

In Quito the temperature ranges from 26 C (78 F) at morning and noons and 7 C (55 F) at nights.

There are two seasons in Quito, rainy and dry. The rainy season is called winter and the dry is considered summer.

Quito's summer lasts about 4 months, from mid June to September. The rainy season goes from October through May.

But even through this rainy season, You will enjoy enough sunny days to travel around the city, and when the sun hides, Quito has plenty to offer indoors.

The average sunlight hours in Quito range between 4.3 hours per day in March and 7.1 hours per day in July.

There are an average of 2,058 hours of sunlight per year with an average of 5.6 hours of sunlight per day.

The sun rays in Quito drop in a perpendicular way because the city is located in the middle of the world (Equator), that's why it is advisable to bring sunblock (SPF 30) or higher and sunglasses.

Quito weather is often described as eternal spring, meaning balmy days between 10-26° C, with warm direct sunlight cooled by light steady breezes.

Quito weather is really unpredictable so people here says that you can very well experience all seasons on a single day.

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