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For those who seek real estate in Ecuador, Hacienda San Joaquin, in Vilcabamba, is a dream come true. It's heaven on earth.


Tucked away in Vilcabamba's enchanted Valley of Longevity, Hacienda San JoaquĆ­n offers health and environmentally conscious people 95 extraordinary riverfront and hillside home sites and residences (.22 to 6.92 acres) for vacation, retirement, and life in a very private, tranquil, gated and deed-restricted paradise.

San Joaquin in Vilcabamba with Lots (L) and Country Estates (Q)

real estate in ecuador

Experience the pure air, beauty and emerald-green of the Andes Mountains and the refreshing Vilcabamba River.

Enjoy the year-round spring-like climate, and the valley's legendary healing energy from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy the Hacienda's Equestrian and Hiking Center, River Park, hiking and horseback-riding trails on over 500 acres of private wild flora and fauna preserve (of the Hacienda's 663 acres).

Hacienda San Joaquin is the ultimate in real estate in Ecuador.

Ease your transition to Vilcabamba with Hacienda San Joaquin's very personal and professional design, construction, property management and a range of legal services (i.e. property purchase and residency).

The Hacienda makes it easy for you in every way to own real estate in Ecuador.

Meet a variety of Vilcabamba's locals (indigenous, Spanish/indigenous and internationals) and tourists at the Sunday market which features locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables.

Walk from town to the Podocarpus National Park to retreat into nature.

Experience indoor-outdoor living in a humidity-free and pure-air environment.

Make your home in one of the world's safest and most rare paradises, Hacienda San Joaquin.

The Weather

Vilcabamba's year-round spring-like climate (one of the world's best), while hard to believe, is true. At night, you sleep with a blanket. During the day, you bask in the warmth of the sun. Every night and day is pretty much like that year round.

No one has or needs heat or air-conditioning in Vilcabamba. That is part of the reason why many who seek to invest in Ecuador choose Vilcabamba Valley.

The People

One of the striking aspects of life here is the friendliness of the Ecuadorian people. When men and women greet each other, a kiss on the cheek is customary.

And between men, a handshake, upon greeting and departing, is the norm.

People make eye contact here. A "hello" to a perfect stranger results typically in a big smile and a return greeting. This is very normal. This is another reason why more and more people are looking for real estate in Ecuador.

Vilcabamba Homes for Sale

vilcabamba property

Hacienda San Joaquin has also beautiful homes for sale.

Each house has two bedrooms, two baths, a loft, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, large front porch, beautiful carport and work room combination.

These Vilcabamba homes are finished beautifully with very attractive heavy wood columns on the porches.

Click Here to See More Details and Pictures of These Beautiful Vilcabamba Homes for Sale

Fruits, Vegetables and Fish

The growing season in Vilcabamba is anytime. It takes about three months from planting to harvest herbs and vegetables.

You can plant many varieties of fruit trees such as papaya, banana, avocado, guanabana, mandarin, orange, mango, guava, and on and on. You may chose to raise tilapia and other edible fish in ponds of your own creation.

There's also an Ecuador Property (Estate) for Sale in Vilcabamba Valley, this is one of the Finest Estates in all of South America.

Invest in Real Estate in Ecuador, Especially in Vilcabamba

Ecuador is just beginning to come onto the radar screen of people looking for exceptional places to live outside the U.S. (and outside other first world countries).

Ecuador is an extraordinary country for those who seek a quality life at reasonable cost. Vilcabamba is the jewel of Ecuador.

If you seek real estate in Ecuador, wherever else you visit, have a look at Hacienda San Joaquin. This Hacienda in Vilcabamba is an island of peace, tranquility and beauty. (Contact form at the bottom of this page).

Here's the List of Prices of Lots and States Available for Sale

Neither film nor words can truly express the beauty and tranquility of this place, and that's why the best way you can experience this magical location is by visiting it, especially if you seek to live in peaceful environment, surrounded by pure air, stunning landscapes and beautiful nature.

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