Retire in Ecuador

Retire in Ecuador particularly in the extraordinary valley of Vilcabamba, enjoying its year round spring like weather.


The temperature ranges approximately from an unbelievable 65 to 83 degrees, perfect for indoor-outdoor living in a humidity-free and pure-air environment.

It's a magnificent place to live, retire, have a vacation home, or investment property.

Hacienda San Joaquin offers health and environmentally conscious people 95 extraordinary riverfront and hillside home sites and residences for vacation, retirement, and life in a very private, tranquil, gated and deed-restricted paradise.

Vilcabamba is everyone's first choice for anyone thinking to retire in Ecuador because of its perfect weather, healthy and pure environment, and low cost of living.

At Hacienda San Joaquin, you can own a beautiful riverfront or mountainside home on one half to six beautiful acres in one of the most pristine, spectacular, and healthy locations in the world. See More About this Vilcabamba Real Estate Offer

Situated at the ideal 1,500 meters above sea level (about 5,000 feet) the temperatures are perfect all year, warm days in the high 70s, and cool nights in the 60s.

The air is pure, and the sparkling water tumbles directly down from a nearby cloud forest.

Ease your transition to retire in Vilcabamba with Hacienda San Joaquin's very personal and professional design, construction, property management and a range of legal services.

The Hacienda makes it easy for you in every way to own real estate in Ecuador.

Homes and Lots for Sale

Hacienda San Joaquin has lots and also beautiful homes for sale.

Each house has two bedrooms, two baths, a loft, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, large front porch, beautiful carport and work room combination.

These Vilcabamba homes are finished beautifully with very attractive heavy wood columns on the porches. Click Here to See More Details of These Ecuador Homes for Sale

Vilcabamba is an idyllic land of lush, subtropical agriculture where nearly every imaginable grain, fruit and vegetable (and flower) grow.

Its medicinal herbs, green fields, towering mountains, friendly people, helpful neighbors, lack of illness and a kind of ubiquitous beauty that penetrates one's soul, provides a sense of well-being.

One of the striking aspects you will experience when you retire in Ecuador is the friendliness of the Ecuadorian people. When men and women greet each other, a kiss on the cheek is customary.

And between men, a handshake, upon greeting and departing, is the norm.

People make eye contact here. A "hello" to a perfect stranger results typically in a big smile and a return greeting. This is very normal.

This is another reason why more and more people are looking to retire in Ecuador and buy a home (or build one) specially in Vilcabamba.

Ecuador is just beginning to come onto the radar screen of people looking for exceptional places to live outside the United Sates or Europe.

Ecuador is an extraordinary country for those who seek a quality life at reasonable cost. Vilcabamba is by far the jewel of Ecuador.

If you seek to retire in Ecuador, wherever else you visit, have a look at Hacienda San Joaquin, it is a place of peace, tranquility and beauty.

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