Retirement in Ecuador

Retirement in Ecuador can amount to a life of luxury because the cost of living is very low compared to other countries.


Living and buying a property in Vilcabamba is the best financial investment you can make now.

It is an extraordinary real estate project in Vilcabamba. The property is located two miles west of downtown Vilcabamba, it is a very private, gated, deed-restricted, tranquil paradise.

It offers 95 beautiful riverfront and hillside home sites (lots) and some beautiful new homes for sale with spectacular views of the Andes Mountains and Vilcabamba River.

It is protected on three sides by the mountains that wrap around it and on the fourth by the Vilcabamba River that flows on its southern boundary.

The elevation of the property rises from the valley floor at 4,839 feet to the mountaintop at 6,512 feet. There are many hundreds of private acres for hiking, horseback riding, and the like. Here's More Information About Homes for Sale in Vilcabamba

In Ecuador, not only can you retire on little money, you can also live very well. Retiring in Ecuador offers something for everyone, and at prices unheard of in North America and Europe.

If you decide for a retirement in Ecuador you will discover that this is an affordable and beautiful destination. Ecuador also offers a high quality of life.

This is no isolated backwater. It's a land of opportunity, where a middle class is forming. After waking from a long economic slumber, Ecuador is preparing to join the global economy.

Recently, for example, the Quito and Guayaquil airports have improved dramatically; it now has new jet ways, a totally renovated entrance and a new waiting area.

Even more, a new and bigger airport is under construction near Quito and will be in service by 2012.

Ecuador Information

The country has average highland temperatures that are in the low 50s at night and high 60s during daytime, the only little seasonal variation being mild rains from October to March.

Ecuador boasts a very wide range of landscapes, from snowcapped volcanoes and mountain ranges, to green valleys, tropical vegetations and rivers, to pristine beaches and Islands like the Galapagos.

The country's four regions, Amazon, Andes, Coastal plain and the Galapagos are like a giant theme park.

With 1,640 species of birds (Costa Rica has 850, the U.S. and Canada combined have 925), Ecuador offers more bird diversity in less space than any other country in the world (including an astounding 124 species of hummingbirds, 35% of the world's total).

In addition, Ecuador is home to 4,500 species of butterflies, 345 species of reptiles, 358 species of amphibians, and 258 species of mammals.

With so much wildlife in such a small space, it's no surprise that Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse nations on the planet.

It is a place where individuals celebrate and cherish life along with the land that provides for them. The people are kind, caring, and love their families.

It is a place where organic vegetables, chicken, beef, and fruit are the norm instead of the exception. In Ecuador, the food is inexpensive, plentiful, and nutritious.

Fresh fish is available in the afternoon caught that very morning. Ecuador also has beautiful weather 365 days a year along with affordable housing.

Visas for Retirement in Ecuador

For a retirement visa you will have to proof that you have an average income of at least $800 per month, plus $100 more per month for every dependent.

There are other ways to become a resident of Ecuador as well. With a retirement visa you will have all the benefits of an Ecuadorian citizen except the right to vote.

You can also opt for a retirement visa with a $25,000 real estate investment or bank deposit.

In both cases you will have to live in Ecuador for at least 9 months in each of the first two years you are here. See More About Ecuador Visa Requirements here

A comfortable lifestyle can be enjoyed in Ecuador on just a fraction of what you'd spend in many parts of the world.

Also Ecuador is one place right now where the U.S. dollar is not losing value, which makes retirement in Ecuador especially appealing.

In general it's easy to retire in Ecuador on around $15,000 per year, and you can live a comfortable lifestyle while doing it.

Many foreign residents have their homes in the main cities such as Quito or Cuenca, and they also have a beach property and a country home like the ones offered in Vilcabamba Valley.

You will be able to find your piece of paradise in Ecuador and enjoy the best years of your life.

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