Saquisili Indian Market

Saquisili Indian Market is located in the province of Cotopaxi, 76 kilometers south of Quito in Ecuador.


Ecuador Indian Market

saquisili indian market in Ecuador

This is one of the largest and most famous Indian markets in Ecuador and it's the biggest of the central region of the Andes.

The market takes place every Thursday.

Indians from different communities gather weekly at Saquisili to be a part of the market, selling their products or exchanging them for others.

This famous traditional market exists since Pre-Columbian times and offers visitors the interesting opportunity to be part of the interaction of the different ethnic groups, through the commercialization of their products.

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In the Saquisili Indian market you'll find a large diversity of products such as vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, accessories, animals, clothes, and many more.

All these products are well organized, displayed in five different plazas in which the market is divided, each one independent and with its own name according to the products offered.

For example there is the plaza of the potatoes and the plaza of the tomatoes. You can also find people selling ribbons, medicines, traditional food such as fritada (fried pork) or llapingachos (potato patties), and much more.

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The color of this market is its essence, contrasted by the colorful Indian clothing, the fresh products of the region, multicolor designs of wool and handicrafts.

The Saquisili Indian market is a marvelous place to visit for its cultural and traditional richness.

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