Stargazing in Galapagos Islands

Stargazing in Galapagos nights have a unique characteristic: "zero artificial light pollution"


A remote place in the world, with few inhabited locations, can give you spectacular starry skies.

The use of telescopes on ships poses one natural inconvenience: since the ship moves, therefore your focal objective also moves.

Thus, the ships from Metropolitan Touring (travel company) has equipped its operations with technology that allows us to understand the equatorial skies better.

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In such dark and remote places observing celestial attractions, constellations and planets can turn into the most rewarding experience.

During the three-month period of April, May and June, the best night conditions will be available as the transition days of the local climate give us about 70% of clear skies every night.

Night temperatures are quite comfortable, and impressive constellations can be identified, most of them known by our guests, but seldom seen.

Stargazing in one of these nights, you will have the chance of spotting constellations like the Southern Cross (Crux), Orion, Taurus, Gemini, Big Dipper (Ursa Major), Bootes, Centaurus, Corvus, Leo, Virgo, among others.

In order to make it more educational, fun and rewarding, the team of Naturalists carry some interesting features:

Galapagos stargazing software (Starry Night and Skywatching), and Laser Pointers Class IIIa (for stargazing purposes).

For those who wish to stay longer up on deck (like past midnight), your changing sky will slowly show Scorpio, Aries, Carina, Piscis and Aquarius.

The naturalists on board are ready to share with you great moments on deck, under the most starry sky you will ever see, next to a mantle of stars, meteorites, planets and more surprises.

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Stargazing in Galapagos, is another wonderful experience these set of beautiful Islands have to offer you.

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