Swimming with Sea Lions in Galapagos

by Grace

Do any of the excursions/tours allow swim time?

I've heard of swimming with the seal lions!

Your Answer

Yes, all of our tours offer the possibility to swim next to sea lions and also among penguins, sea turtles, seals and more exciting marine life in Galapagos.

In Galapagos, not only land visitor sites can be explored, but also their waters, and more so their submarine highlights.

Galapagos Diving

Diving in Galapagos is another great attraction. You'll be diving always surrounded by friendly hammerhead sharks, rays, angel fishes, sea lions.

You can also dive among parrot fishes, jacks, eels, groupers, scorpion fish and reef sharks.

And of course the always attractive invertebrates, and a variety of marine birds, that make these wonderful islands a world to be discovered.

The waters of these Islands are cool, and diving in Galapagos is for the wildlife lover.

The sharks in Galapagos are friendly, the sea lions playful. It's just lovely...

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