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Vilcabamba Real Estate at Hacienda San Joaquin is everyone's first choice for country living in Ecuador.


San Joaquin in Vilcabamba with Lots (L) and Country Estates (Q)


It is everyone's first choice because of its perfect weather, healthy and pure environment, and low cost of living.

Situated at the ideal 1,500 meters above sea level (about 5,000 feet) the temperatures are perfect all year, warm days in the high 70s, and cool nights in the 60s.

The air is pure, and the sparkling water tumbles directly down from a nearby cloud forest.

The Vilcabamba River is formed in Vilcabamba by the confluence of two rivers that flow from the extraordinary 360,000-acre Podocarpus National Park just east of town. The Park is one of the most bio-diverse areas on Earth.

The Podocarpus National Park gets abundant rains, has many high-up lakes, and provides a plentiful year-around water-supply for drinking, irrigation and recreation.

It's an enormous plus at a time when water shortages and crises proliferate in many places in the world.

Vilcabamba claims to have the world's highest percentage of people over 100 years of age, and there are an abundance of theories as to why.

Many attribute their longevity to the pure environment, organically grown food, perfect weather, lack of stress, and the tendency of the local people to get plenty of exercise.

The village of Vilcabamba has less than 1,000 people, with a total of 4,200 when including the surrounding valleys.

People from the world over come to visit, shop for Vilcabamba real estate and make it their home. In fact, Vilcabamba has the highest concentration of English-speakers of anywhere in Ecuador.

Just over three miles outside Vilcabamba on the banks of the Vilcabamba River, is Hacienda San Joaquin. It begins where a small village road ends. There is no other access and no through traffic.

The developers of this Vilcabamba real estate project are selling 95 extraordinary properties, interspersed throughout a sprawling, natural setting of almost 700 acres.

About 50% of the property has been preserved as riding trails, hiking paths, and some of the most dramatic Andean mountains, canyons, and valleys that you could hope to find.

The Equestrian and Hiking Center serves as a gathering place for the residents, as well as a place to relax in the outdoor cafe.

The fresh, pure, water of the Vilcabamba River cascades by the Hacienda on its way from the nearby mountain peaks to the Pacific Ocean, guaranteeing an extraordinary continued fresh water supply. For Vilcabamba real estate, Hacienda San Joaquin is unsurpassable.

You can buy mountain lots and riverfront properties, of varying sizes and settings, so there is plenty from which to choose.

This is a community where you're part of a group of individuals who appreciate the active, healthy lifestyle and tranquil ambiance of Vilcabamba.

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International Living's Lee Harrison, who has lived in Vilcabama and is very familiar with Vilcabamba real estate, writes, "This is the best-run project I've seen, and I've seen dozens throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. It's well-planned, well-executed, well-managed, and imaginative."

Vilcabamba Homes for Sale

vilcabamba homes

Hacienda San Joaquin has also beautiful homes for sale.

Each house has two bedrooms, two baths, a loft, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, large front porch, beautiful carport and work room combination.

The homes are finished beautifully with very attractive heavy wood columns on the porches.

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Many who visit Hacienda San Joaquin invariable describe the ranch and its setting as idyllic, paradise, a refuge…Shangri-La.

What exactly is "Shangri-La?" Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. In the book, Shangri-La is a mystical, harmonious valley.

Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia—a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan.

Is Vilcabamba and Hacienda San Joaquin a kind of Shangri-La? The short answer: it's probably as close as it gets. That is why for Vilcabamba real estate, nothing even comes close to Hacienda San Joaquin.

Hacienda San Joaquin is a remarkable place to live. Quiet and peaceful, everywhere there is beautiful scenery. The nights are silent. The darkness is soothing.

The sky is star-filled. With its organic fruit and vegetable gardens, fish ponds, beautiful horses grazing in the fields, the Vilcabamba River, and the spectacular Andes Mountains as the backdrop, it's an amazing place.

  • Imagine an international community of caring people.
  • Imagine spectacular scenery as the norm.
  • Imagine pure air.
  • Imagine clean and abundant water.
  • Imagine a welcoming country of warm-hearted people.
  • Imagine living in a simpler time but with access to modern technology.
  • Imagine year around gardening.
  • Imagine sleeping with the windows open every night.
  • Imagine no need for heating or air-conditioning.
  • Imagine comfortable warm days and cool nights year around.
  • Imagine a much lower cost of living.
  • Imagine a much higher quality of life.
  • Imagine living on a riverfront ranch in the Andes Mountains.

Imagine an extraordinary Equestrian and Hiking Center, world-class mountainside hotel, exquisite and healthy cuisine, remarkable riverfront health spa, organic cafe, spectacular hiking and horseback riding trails, a tranquil park on the river, a variety of intellectual and recreational stimulation, great progressively-minded neighbors...

Most who seek Vilcabamba Real Estate, invariably visit Hacienda San Joaquin. Visitors often note their impressions. Following are excerpts from the hacienda's guest book:

"Vilcabamba is wonderful. Hacienda San Joaquin is beyond belief. We cannot wait until we are finally able join you here. Please save one of Emily’s daughters (our Weimaraner) for us. Your staff and hospitality are Five Star."
Susan and Stephen Amsden, Woodland Hills, CA

"This place is like heaven on earth. Very impressive, enormous opportunities for abundance, community, and natural living. Thank you for creating this unique opportunity for living close to the earth in a community of free thinkers."
Mike and Sheh Adams, Tucson, AZ

"This is heaven before heaven! It's paradise! I read it was great but you will have to experience this wonderful place. We can't wait to come back to this amazing "Alter World".

I did not know a place like this could be possible. I love it and can't wait to make my dreams reality."
Joe and Mariet Smith, Tarpon Springs, FL

"We have read about Vilcabamba for years and thanks to Joe Simonetta paving the way the reading and dreaming is our reality. In my short visit I have met lifelong friends and we are so looking forward to a new chapter in our lives. Truly life as it should be."
Janet Zerr, Redding, CT

"This is our fantasy come true! We will live in this oasis surrounded by magnificent mountains and so many friendly people. The weather, the air quality is simply so perfect it is hard to believe it's true. But it is! We so much look forward to starting a wonderful life here, meeting new friends, and having an opportunity to help and give back to the native community."

Robert Pelland and Leslie Lattimore, Toronto, Canada

An international community, comprised of exceptional people leaving their respective countries for many reasons, is forming this Vilcabamba real estate project on Hacienda San Joaquin.

It is a community bound together not by common nationality but by common mentality. These forward looking people with global perspectives seek a quality of life rich in relationships with each other, the land, and their Ecuadorian neighbors.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Neither film nor words can truly express the beauty and tranquility of this place, and that's why the best way you can experience this magical location is by visiting it, especially if you seek Vilcabamba real estate. You will discover that it's truly a life-changing experience.

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