Visit Ecuador and Galapagos

Visit Ecuador one of the most beautiful countries in South America.

See beautiful Highland landscapes, the lush of the Amazon Rainforest, exotic Beaches in the Coast and the mystery of the Galapagos Islands.


The magnificent landscape you can enjoy has been forged by geologic events over many millions of years, most significant among them the uplifting of the Andes Mountains

The Amazon Rainforest and the coastal plains of Ecuador were both formed by alluvial sediments derived from the Andes Mountains.

The northern highlands of Ecuador in particular remain a land of active volcanoes, and glaciated summits.

Fifty five volcanic craters dot the landscape of the Highlands, and three of them are currently visible active: Guagua Pichincha near the City of Quito, Tungurahua in Banos town, and Sangay at the southeast of Riobamba City.

Visit Ecuador during your next holiday and experience the biggest bio-diversity per area in the world. Ecuador is ranked among the 17 Mega Diverse countries in the world, alongside the United States, China, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

With 9.2 species per km2, it occupies the first place in the world with regards to species per area.

Besides its exuberant bio-diversity, this country is home to an impressive variety of cultures including some communities who still preserve their non-western or pre-Columbian values and practice cultural manifestations from ancient times.

Ecuador Location

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in America. It lies on both the northern and southern Hemispheres and is divided by the "Equator" imaginary line, which gave Ecuador its name in the 19th Century.

The country is located North-West of South America and borders with Colombia to the North and Peru in the East and South.

Weather in Ecuador

When you visit Ecuador keep in mind that this country is located in the Tropical Zone.

The weather ranges from tropical equatorial rain in the Amazon Rainforest to perpetual snow on the top of the mountains in the Highlands.

Cities in Ecuador located in the highlands have temperatures that vary from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cities in the Coast have temperatures that vary from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

The weather in the Amazon Jungle Forest is rainy, humid and warm, however, temperature drops a bit during the months of June to November.

The Galapagos Islands are always sunny and warm, however, temperature drops a bit during the months of June to November.

Ecuador's Typical Food

The traditional gastronomy in Ecuador is renowned for its variety and delicious taste.

When you visit Ecuador try some of the following dishes: Fritada, Hornado, Ceviche, Seco de Chivo and Chugchucaras.

Visit Ecuador Beaches

You will have the opportunity to observe the gigantic whales in the wild during their matting season.

You can dive within coral reefs surrounded by exotic sea life, admire the numerous bird species of the region, and submerge in the most isolated and exotic beaches.

There are plenty of opportunities to fish, sail, surf, ski and dive.

Ecuador Handicrafts

This country has some of the most fanciful handicrafts in South America. You can find them in local Indian markets such as the Otavalo Indian Market at shops and galleries in the main cities.

Some of the best handicrafts to buy are ponchos, wall hangings, hand-knit sweaters, hand-woven rugs, embroidered dresses and blouses, jewelry (including designer pieces with pre-Columbian beads worked in silver and gold), ceramics, primitive and modern paintings and leather.

The Galapagos Islands

Visit Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands where you will experience the perfect setting for an action-packed and truly unforgettable vacation surrounded by peace and safeness.

These fantastic Islands are for those who have a taste for the unseen and an eye for color and beauty. See Our Recommended Galapagos Cruise Tours

Nowhere else on this planet will you find tropical Penguins which live on the "Equator" or Marine Iguanas which swim and feed in the ocean.

One peculiar characteristic of Galapagos is that, the thousands of animals that inhabit these Islands are not afraid of humans.

This means that you can literally walk right up to hundreds of blue footed boobies, red footed boobies birds, masked boobies albatrosses, penguins, land iguanas, marine iguanas and giant tortoises.

Ecuador instantly enchants those who have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen, and an eye for color and beauty.

Vilcabamba Valley is One of the Most Beautiful Locations to Live or Retire in Ecuador. Click Here to See Fantastic Homes and Lots for Sale

The impressive flanks of the Andean Mountains are the origin of spectacular rivers and canyons that empty into the Amazon Rainforest and Coastal regions.

Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes mountain ranges, It has no real seasons.

Visit Ecuador and experience its year-round, spring-like weather with the most amount of sunlight on the planet.

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